Mission, Vission, Strategy Phillips

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In the next part I will try to tell you the things Philips is involved in from 2005, I will also tell you the new goals and visions of Philips for the future and the strategies they will use to reach to their goals.

Their mission is to help for a better existence by better technological innovations. So the hole mankind can improve their way of living and to make it more fun, not to forget.


Their vision is get to the lever where they are most respected company in their sector. And to achieve this they are going to try to provide better solutions in the areas of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Technology.


• Customers who delighted with the services and products Philips is providing
• To better their delivery degree, by doing exact what they have agreed with the customer.
• Help the mankind in developments.
• And for all to depend on each other with trust.


• Increasing our profit, by investing in opportunities activities who have a chance in more prophet.
• To give all we have in the bettering of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Technology.
• A good partnership with our business-to-business and business-to-consumer areas.
• Keep investing in the development of our technologic and get the best out of our experts.
• Train better leaders to lead our staff in better achievements.
• Make our company more efficient in all kind of ways.

From what you just read, you can conclude that these things can make your company also a success with some hard work and healthy thinking.

Activities of Philips 2005/2006

Philips has around 160.000 people on their payroll. All this people are divided in certain categories of business, from medical till lightning production. In the next part I will divide Philips in sectors and tell you little about what is happening in that area. The missions, visions, values and strategies you just read are applied in all the sectors I will indicate in the

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