Michell Marie Boutique Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan For

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Bus 319 Marketing

Table of Contents
2.Strategic Focus and Plan3
Mission Statement3
Competitive Advantage4

3.Situation Analysis4
SWOT Analysis5
Competitor Analysis6
Company Analysis6
Customer Analysis6
4.Market-Product Focus8
Marketing and Product Objectives8
Market-Product Grid9
Target Markets9
Points of Difference9-10
Marketing Mix Influences11
Potential Customers12
4 P’s13
5.Marketing Program13
Product Strategy Packaging 13
* Service Objectives14
Price Strategy18
Target Audience21
Promotion Objectives22
Promotion Budget22
Place Distribution22
Advertising Media23

Michell Marie Boutique

Michell Marie was founded in 2006 by its young owner Andrea Michell. The current corporate office is located in Manhattan, New York with retail stores located in California, Ecuador and Panama. Michell Marie was one of the first boutiques in the tri-state area that provided a variety of foreign clothing, cultural professional attire and historical background on its clothing. The dress shop began as a small storefront on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and currently located at its place of origin

Michell Marie Boutique mission is to serve the Victorian couture lifestyle apparel needs of women wearing the latest trends with the best quality service, foreign fashion selection, value and costumed fit clothing. Michell Marie vision is to advertise cultural couture with a trendy fashion twist. To promote history through clothing and preserve the vintage love for fashion.

1. To gain customer trust. Michell Marie wants their customers to know that their personal information is secure and that the advertising and communication with them is completely honest. 2. Fashion is a competitive industry and Michell Marie customers expect high quality and unique pieces. That’s why they strictly adhere to high standards of fair competition 3. Michell Marie is committed to being a good citizen in the communities where they do business. Michell Marie is committed to conducting their selves in an ethical manner, acting in accordance with values and standards, while following the laws of the countries in which Michell Marie operates. 4. Shift sales and profit mix to higher operating margin brands and channels. 5. Utilize the newly launched Michell Marie reward program and weekly new products alerts to better serve its loyal and growing customer base.

6. To operate the business with a focus on cash flow generation in order to maintain significant financial flexibility and appropriate liquidity.

Competitive Advantage
Michell Marie Boutique most obvious competitive advantage is the variety of foreign clothing. The trend consists of cultural, great quality, unique, vintage couture designs. These are items that other boutiques do not offer because of the cultural variety and foreign law restrictions to trade internationally. To ensure the exceptional products line, Michell Marie focuses on using top-quality material in its designs such as cotton, silk, microfiber, and spandex. etc. Customer service and satisfaction is also a high priority. Another competitive advantage is that Michell Marie has three different location one in the tri-state area, the Big Apple, Manhattan, Panama and Ecuador. Michell Marie boutique locations are readily visible, easy to access, and in the middle of a high traffic zone during the tourist season.

SWOT Analysis

Internal Factors| Strengths| Weaknesses|
Management| Dedicated, hardworking| Opportunities for promotion are limited in some areas| Product Offerings| Quality, cultural fashion forward clothing| Price increase,trade tariffs| Marketing| Creative, young, cutting...

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