Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan|
Connie Brewer|

Marketing Plan for errand service.|


I. Executive Summary

II. Company Description

III. Strategic Focus and Plan
Core Competency
Sustainable Competitive Advantage

IV. Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Industrial Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Company Analysis
Customer Analysis

V. Marketing Product Focus
Target Markets
Points of Difference

VI. Marketing Programs

VII. Financial Projections
Start up Costs
Initial Operating Costs
Break Even Point Analysis

VIII. Organization

IX. Implementation, Evaluation, and Control

I: Executive Summary

Description: TODO’s is an errand running service for working parents, handicapped, or the elderly. We can perform any errand, most of the time, for a reasonable price. Our first priority is customer satisfaction.

Mission: To establish an honest and reliable company that provides excellent customer service. To keep our prices reasonable to assure service for everyone who needs this type of service.

Financial Goals: Estimate $50,000 the first year and doubling the second year.

Non-Financial Goals: Donate 10% of profit to M.A.D.D. I would like to volunteer at A.A.

Core Competency: To do the best possible job and accommodate our customers.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Less traffic emissions, promote green, only two other companies in town.

Market Focus: Focusing on two income-families that make at least $60,000 a year, with both parents working full time. Performance and customer service will a must to do at TODO’s. Customer will have control of what we do for them.

Marketing Programs: Our service will be as great as every customer we have. This service will literally depend on the customer and errand that needs to be performed.

Financial Projections: Total startup costs $20,659. Break-even point is at 77 deliveries per month per year.

Organization: Owner, drivers, answering service, insurance company, bonding company.

Implementation: Opening, Three months, One year.

II: Company Description

To Do’s is an errand running company for working parents, the handicapped, or the elderly. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. We will strive to keep all of our customers happy and do our best to make a healthy relationship that would extend our business with each and every customer. We will make deliveries from groceries, alcohol, fast food, and prescriptions. We will do errands like paying bills and picking up children from school, or even taking your pet to the vet. We would like to personalize our business so we can make a difference in our everyday lives, while maintaining a delivery service and not a maid service. Nowadays everyday life is hectic. Most people struggle to get their errands ran in a timely fashion while trying to juggle their daily affairs. That’s where To Do’s comes in to lend a helping hand.

III Strategic Focus and Plan

Mission and Vision

To establish an honest and reliable company that provides excellent customer service to all parties involved. To keep our prices reasonable to assure service for everyone who needs our service.


Financial Goals

I hope to have at least 100 return customers with-in the first year, and several hundred more the...

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