Executive Summary for Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton’s History and Growth:
a) The Designer Louis Vuitton's History:
The designer Louis Vuitton was born with the name Louis Vuitton Malletier, and he was born in France in a country called Jura in 1821. He started working in France as a young adult, and he became a fashion designer by accident. He was from a working class family, as his father Xavier Vuitton was a farmer, and his mother was a milliner. Louis Vuitton used to walk 250 miles from his hometown to Paris, as he carried different jobs on the road in order to pay for his journey. He also worked on household items which gave him the experience of designing and creating unique and distinguished quality bags and luggage. In 1854, Louis Vuitton married a 17 year old girl called Clemence Emilie parriaux and afterwards he took the decision of establishing his own company on the rue des capuchins, just next to his old boss. He used to advertise his products on a small poster that said “securely packs the most fragile objects, specializing in packing fashions” which was very creative at that time. He was succeeding in a fast rate until he became the manufacturer and designer of one of the most luxurious fashion brands in history. Despite the experience Louis Vuitton gained from travelling to France as a teenager, he would never have made it to what he became as one of the most important fashion designers in the world. b)The Brand Louis Vuitton's History and Growth:

Whenever anyone hears the name Louis Vuitton, the first thing that pops in minds is the elegant and luxurious women bags and shoes with their famous brown and beige colors and the unique LV logo, which became any elegant woman’s dream to have Louis Vuitton bags and shoes in her closet or her dressing room. Louis Vuitton opened their first store in London along with Oxford Street. Louis Vuitton is also well known for their luxurious and flexible travelling suitcases that were very practical, elegant and useful bags that changed the way of travelling. The organization continued their growth as they produced dresses, perfumes and a lot of other fashion industries along with the luxurious bags and shoes. Even to increase the brand value and sales, Louis Vuitton in 1983 joined with the America’s cup in order to form the Louis Vuitton’s cup , which was a yacht race competition. Louis Vuitton in 1987 merged with the Moet ET Chandon and Hennessey in order to form the conglomerate which was known as LVMH. In 1989 Louis Vuitton was operating in about 130 different stores worldwide. Louis Vuitton launched their 150th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s foundation as they initiated their first global store in shanghai and other stores in Sau Paulo, Johannesburg and Newyork. Louis Vuitton was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for seven consecutive years. In 1997 Marc Jacobs merged with Louis Vuitton ,in order to design elegant and unique clothing line for both men and women, "When I saw the first trunk in Trianon grey canvas," says Jacobs, "I said to myself, 'That's how Louis Vuitton got started and that's how we, too, are going to start, with greys and whites, with a logo hidden inside the clothing.' But it resulted in the consumer's disappointment as they were expecting something more elegant and glamorous. Mark Jacobs then brought in the 80’s New York designer Stephen Sprouse to add graffiti style to the monogram canvas, He usen used Jennifer Lopez as a celebrity endorsement in a marketing campaign followed by later celebrity endorsement campaigns done by Uma Thurman and Sean connery, Which was very successful campaigns. Jacobs also did a mixture between the classical and elegant image of the brand with hip hop by hiring Pharrel Williams to design sunglasses collection for Louis Vuitton in 2005. Louis Vuitton started as a retailer for travelling bags at the beginning, followed by the most fashionable retailer of shoes, bags and purses for women, and now they became the most elegant and distinguished...

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