Journal on Speaking and Listening

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January 24, 2011

Though I have previous knowledge about listening, but I still find our discussion much different from the latter, it’s a lot more fun with lesser pressure. Listening is the most important part of the communication process. However, listening skills do not come naturally to most people; they require willingness, practice, and patience to develop. Effective listening is every bit as important as effective speaking, and generally much more difficult. Although numerous barriers to effective listening can make the practice difficult, there are several habits one can adopt that will lead to a higher level of listening proficiency.

There are many reasons individuals fail to listen successfully. These include (summarized version): interrupting, judging, faking attention, becoming emotional, tuning out, jumping to conclusions, becoming distracted. Interrupting is a problem for many reasons. First, it is aggressive behavior and will most likely bring a negative response from the speaker being interrupted. Second, it is difficult to listen and speak at the same time. When the listener is interrupting, he or she is certainly not listening fully.

Becoming emotional can hinder one's ability to listen. It is important that the receiver be aware of his or her emotions. If the sender is sending a message that is offensive, it is important to acknowledge that fact and be aware of the fact that something is threatening a breakdown in the process. When a receiver is angered, it is easy for him or her to miss the most important part of the sender's message.

Although the reasons for listening breakdowns are numerous, there are many ways to improve listening skills. These are: provide clues that you are actively involved, concentrator, refrain from formulating an immediate response, try to prepare beforehand, and be prepared to accept revisions. Be sure the environment is conducive to listening.

A willingness to accept revisions will keep the communication process running smoothly. Often people are so busy trying to defend their positions that they fail to really stop and think whether they could be improved upon or viewed in a different way. This is what is often referred to as "spending 90 seconds expressing an opinion and 900 seconds blindly defending it."

Choosing the right environment is also important because it will help the listener focus and avoid distractions. Although there is no set environment which is best for all communication, in general it is best to avoid areas where there are high levels of activity, loud noises, an uncomfortable temperature, poor air flow.

January 31, 2011

Television show hosts come in many forms, but currently, the most popular form of television show host is based on reality TV. Game shows are another popular medium for television show hosts. Many of the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC) provide game show forums for hosts that range from quiz shows to shock game shows. However, take a look at these five necessary steps to becoming a television show host before you decide to take the plunge.

Search for local hosting opportunities in your area. Not only will hosting a program and any events help you to gain notoriety, but hosting such events will also help you to develop a sense of crowd control and stage presence. Both of which are essential attributes that major...
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