therapeutic communication

Topics: Communication, Learning, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: August 25, 2014
Therapeutic communication is a process in which we can take; to improve an individual’s understanding in the message we are sending through non-verbal and verbal communication. It comprises the use of detailed approaches that encourage an individual to demonstrate ideas and feelings. Therapeutic communication in the nursing practice is key to providing adequate care, understanding and empathy. Within this reflective paper I will reflect on my capabilities to utilise communication skills, assisting me in recognising and discovering the importance of these skills throughout my nursing practice. I will reflect on my use of three communication skills I used in a mock interview during my tutorial class. The skills consist of listening, eye contact and attending. The use of reflection will highlight my strengths and areas that I still need to develop as a novice practitioner.

Eye contact is a vital part of therapeutic communication. It shows confidence, attentiveness, and interest in what is being said. According to Nash (2013) eye contact is detrimental in creating a rapport and that it will be the first part of our language a person will notice. Day, Levett-Jones & Kenny (2012) agree by arguing that reciprocated eye interaction indicates, a willingness to be actively attentive in what the individual is communicating. This leads the individual to feel settled and established. When putting this into practice through my mock interview I found that using adequate eye contact, I was able to deliver trust and confidence in the words that I had delivered; I also establish that I still have room for improvement and that I can further my skills in this area with additional knowledge.

To actively listen involves all senses, this shows an individual we have respect and interest for the words they are delivering. Kozlowska & Doboszynska (2012) states that a good communicator acquires skills in both receiving and sending messages and any person who is truly listening; will...
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