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Television Program

Assess the impact of foreign films or foreign television programs on the culture of your society. Due to globalization and the widespread growth of mass communications around the world, most countries are becoming increasingly interconnected. Through mass media, such as films and television programs, societies have in one way or another influenced each other, resulting in gradual convergence of culture. In Singapore, people are generally more pragmatic and conservative in terms of their conduct...

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Television and Movies

Melanie Sparks Television and Movies There are many inspirations that people have in their lives to comprise their personality. Usually people assume that the greatest influences in the lives of children are parents and teachers, but most would never realize that the movies and television that children watch can alter their behavior. Whether causing a well-intentioned outcome or a unscrupulous one, watching these programs essentially results in making an immense impact on how a person acts,...

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Television Is Not Always Good

TELEVISION IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD Watching television has become an ordinary activity of today’s generation, regardless of their age. Nowadays, it is not strange anymore if we find children especially in elementary school age or even less sitting in front of television enjoying some programs for hours rather than playing outside like children in the past. Some parents even use television as a way to babysit them. Most people also consider that television is a useful, easy, and quite informative source...

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Tv Negative Effects of Television

The Negative Effects of Television In the argumentative essay “T.V. Addiction” by Marie Winn, Winn relates watching television to having an addiction with drugs and alcohol. The television experience allows us to escape from the real world and enter into a pleasurable and peaceful mental state. When it comes to television, Marie asks the following question: Is there a kind of television viewing that falls into the more serious category...

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World Without Television

intellectual programming. I think with the passing time and the increase of more and more television viewing over the years our culture loses some things, and while I do not think that all television programming is negative for us, I think the majority of it is and only helps in leading to some of the problems we face, and will continue to face, unless the culture of reality television changes. Life without television, I think, would only improve, and on a much more specific scale would lower the level...

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Television: the Undiscovered Drug

Television: the Undiscovered Drug After a long, hard day of school and work, I trudge up the stairs to my apartment. As I approach the door, I can already hear the mumbles of the television. I open the door and am not surprised to see my sister on the couch, hand on remote, flipping through channels. I am now accustomed to this picture. My sister could be crowned couch potato queen. She watches television day and night--so much that my cousins and I now refer to her as the Human TV Guide. She knows...

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The detrimental effect television has on our youth

 The detrimental effect television has on our youth. After a long, hard day of school and work, I walk up the stairs to my apartment. As I approach the door, I can already hear the television. I open the door and am not surprised to see my brother on the couch, hand on remote, flipping through channels. My brother could be crowned couch potato king. He watches television day and night so much that my cousins and I now refer to him as the Human TV Guide. He knows...

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The Southern Stereotype

Long Live Southern Stereotypes Ever since Scarlett O’Hara struggled to find love and Andy Taylor was elected Mayberry’s Sheriff, filmmakers and television producers have yet to lose any fondness for stereotyping the southern culture. There are many who despise any form of labeling or stereotyping within the media, fearing false characterizations or inaccurate portrayals of southern customs, traditions, and people. Exposure to southern stereotypes through media is an appealing element in the American...

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Childhood Obesity and Cartoons

in Children’s Television Shows There are more obese children in the current times than ever before, and many people blame many different sources. One of these sources is Television; whether it is the act of the children watching television, or the shows themselves and what the children are seeing on the programs. The main discussion in what children’s television programs are showing is ‘food’ – more specifically, unhealthy food. Many of the programs on the children’s television channels show...

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Alice Walker

on a television program "the way my daughter would want me to be: a hundred pounds lighter, my skin like an uncooked barley pancake," wielding a "quick and witty tongue" (48). Mama's distaste for Dee's egotism is tempered by her desire to be respected by her daughter. In part, then, Mama has come to define herself in terms of her failure to meet the standards of what Lindsey Tucker calls a "basically white middle-class identity" (88)--the white-male-dominated system portrayed in the television show...

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