Job Design and Job Characteristics

Topics: Change, Wage, Employment Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 13, 2005
Job design and job characteristics are very interesting topics for discussion. In my opinion the modern route, that of fitting jobs to people, is the best decision a manager can make when designing jobs. It leaves employees more space to experience new challenges and take more responsibility in their job. While reading the Overview of the Job Characteristics Model each of the concepts mentioned brought several examples in my mind. I do not want to cite the concepts from the book, but I will give some examples from my own experience and that of my colleagues. The organisation where I work is undergoing several major changes, such as replacing the IT system, changing the work process and procedures, launching new products in the market, putting all the branches online, etc. This has generally lead to dissatisfaction of employees, since they are working long hours and even weekends and are not being motivated enough. Their salary has not changed and no bonuses are promised. This may lead to inefficiency and absenteeism. People may be less efficient to finish work earlier and even take sick leave from work to be more with their families. Another issue related to the change is that employees are required to learn how to use this new system and procedures in a very short period of time and this has caused increased stress, apart from the fear that this change can bring about understaffing in the near future. People are really trying hard to fit into the new system and rules, but their expectations are not always met. Since I am talking about meeting expectations, I would like to be a little more specific. When I was first interviewed for the job position I currently have, I was told that I would have a salary increase. Yet, after ten months, nothing has changed – it still remains a promise. And I have even started thinking about looking for another job, at a time when I didn't even think about leaving my current job. Unmet expectations can lead to such situations and...
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