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1. If things are different they are still grasped by the net of our concepts 2. There is nothing beyond that we can think 3. Doesn't do better than verificationism *How does realism depend on verificationism?* may be essay question for test* Ontology What things exist? Involves question of kinds of things that exist Some issues belong to certain experts e.g. Existence of snow on the alps But WVO Quine for e.g. Has been worried about whether there are abstracts as opposed to physical objects ...

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Empiricism Semantics and Ontology Carn

 “Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology” by Rudolf Carnap I. The Problem of Abstract Entities Empiricists attempt to limit themselves to nominalistic language, a language not containing references to abstract entities such as properties, classes, relations, numbers, propositions, etc. They treat mathematics as a mere calculus wherein no interpretation is given or can be given. However, abstract entities are impossible to avoid for some scientific contexts. The theory of meaning and truth is the problem...

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Metaphysics: Ontology: Dualism vs. Materialism

METAPHYSICS: ONTOLOGY: DUALISM VS. MATERIALISM The original idea of the word 'philosophy' was a 'love of wisdom' (Cowan 2). Philosophy is meant to explore the 'big questions' and try to find answers as best we can in the time we have been given. One of the areas of study in philosophy is metaphysics, which deals in the ideas of the nature of reality. "We look at the world, and we assume that it is the way it appears to be. It is not." (Carreira 7). There is much to reality that can be discussed...

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African American Religion, Ontology and Stories - Essay

African American religion, Ontology and stories Diane Alvarado History 110 Dr. Lehman Exam 1 African Americans have many values and believes. They have their own commonalities that are found in African religion and their ontology. Their commonalities and shared ontology tell us about the Africans worldview. Not only that but we get to learn about their creation stories that helps us understand their culture and values. There are different stories and myths that explain how humans were...

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Patterns of Knowing

definitions. Ontology and Epistemology are both branches of philosophy which try to describe the existence of an entity. They are terms regarding knowing and knowledge. Epistemology considers the history of knowledge that investigates the nature, kinds, origin, scope, methods and knowledge development limitations (Meleis, 2012). “Ontology is the branch of philosophy that deals with understanding being, existence, or reality. Thus, as applied to nursing and nursing science, ontology explores the nature...

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that thought about the more we use opposite words together in a sentence or in a conversation, the more likely they are to become antonyms, the authors leads us in to the second question about "better" antonyms. This is often a question about the ontology of the words, or the meaning of words as they are in people's minds, not as they are in the external world. Social and environmental aspects are something to take in to the equation here. So to sum things up, antonyms is a pretty difficult area...

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The Sin

“The Matrix” can be compared to ontology, the study of being or what is, “The Matrix” relates to both dualism, both body and mind are affected, and finally it relates to the brain in a vat and the “evil genius” ruining his view of life. Parmenides was a philosopher who believed that all reality is one, it is not a plurality, and reality is being. He came up with “Ontology” or in Greek “Ontos”, ontology is the study of being or “what is”. Ontology has two parts to it one, what is...

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Research Methodological Approaches

the research project for next year. Business Research Ontology ‘A theory concerning the nature of social phenomena as entities that are to be admitted to a know ledge system’ (Saunders, 2007: 605). The word ‘ontology’ seems to generate a lot of controversy. It has a long history in philosophy, in which it refers to the subject of existence. It is also often confused with epistemology, which is about knowledge and knowing. Ontology is one of core areas of philosophical study, which research...

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Martin Heidegger Biography

his questioning of Being. In 1929, he published three more works that further developed his own concept of phenomenological ontology, or the study of being. These were named What is Metaphysics?, On the Essence of Ground, and Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics. The 1930s and 1940s became a time when Heidegger’s practices called into question the legitimacy of his ontology, and this fact is still debated to this very day, and was also a critical turning point in his philosophy. For in 1933, Heidegger...

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Metaphysics and Nominalism

category of individuals like individual persons, individual objects, individual animals, or various other individual materials. “What the austere nominalist wants to claim is that an ontology of concrete particulars provides the resources for dealing with all the phenomena the metaphysical realist claims presuppose an ontology of multiply exemplifiable entities” (Loux 53). The austere nominalist refutes the realist claim that universals are necessary and serve as handling the phenomena of attribute agreement...

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