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  • Ontology and Yoga

    October 1‚ 2010 When we did yoga on Thursday during class time‚ it was so much fun. I had never done yoga before and I thought it was going to be hard‚ but it actually came very easy to me. It worked out every core in my body‚ especially in the abdominal area. I had imagined before I did yoga that I was going to be out of breathe a lot‚ but then again I didn’t really know what yoga consisted of. I think we did it‚ to work out our muscles and joints in our body. Every body is different‚ so every

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  • Realism, Idealism, Ontology

    Realism Is reality dependent of us and our minds Beyond what our minds ascertain This position - connected to theory of meaning - meaning of propositions is what makes them true/false Depends on its truth conditions - what fact makes it true Anti-realists We need verification conditions -when truth conditions apply -and we are justified to hold them E.g. Past and present Past- can’t be repeated -ways of getting hold of it is. fallible. Said statements about the past - verification -

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  • Ontology and God

    * Descartes’ Proofs for God’s Existence * www.prshockley.org * In sum‚ 3 Arguments for God’s Existence are used by Descartes in Meditations: 1. The argument for the existence of God from the fact that I have an idea of Him (1st proof in Meditation 3). 2. The argument from my own existence. Here it is argued that a cause more perfect than myself must be assumed to explain my coming into being and my continued existence (2nd proof in Meditation 3). 3. The Ontological Argument for God’s

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  • Empiricism Semantics and Ontology Carn

    “Empiricism‚ Semantics and Ontology” by Rudolf Carnap I. The Problem of Abstract Entities Empiricists attempt to limit themselves to nominalistic language‚ a language not containing references to abstract entities such as properties‚ classes‚ relations‚ numbers‚ propositions‚ etc. They treat mathematics as a mere calculus wherein no interpretation is given or can be given. However‚ abstract entities are impossible to avoid for some scientific contexts. The theory of meaning and truth is the problem

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  • Philosopy of Education According to Ontologies

    Philosophies of Education according to Ontologies Ontological philosophy takes ontology to be a kind of explanation in which the causes are basic substances‚ and the effects are found in the world. Given the existence of certain kinds of basic substances and basic relationships‚ it explains the things found in the world by showing how their existence is constituted by such substances and relations among them. In dualism there are two kinds of things that are real: mind/thought ‚ idealism‚ and

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  • The Theory of the Ideas and Plato’s Ontology

    I. THE THEORY OF THE IDEAS AND PLATO’S ONTOLOGY    I. 1. The ontological dualism        The theory of the Ideas is the base of Plato’s philosophy: the Ideas are not only the real objects ontologically speaking‚ but they are the authentically objects of knowledge epistemologically speaking. From  the point of view  of ethics and  politics‚  they are the foundation of  the right behaviour‚  and anthropologically speaking they are  the base  of Plato’s dualism and they even allow him demonstrate  the

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  • Metaphysics: Ontology: Dualism vs. Materialism

    METAPHYSICS: ONTOLOGY: DUALISM VS. MATERIALISM The original idea of the word ’philosophy ’ was a ’love of wisdom ’ (Cowan 2). Philosophy is meant to explore the ’big questions ’ and try to find answers as best we can in the time we have been given. One of the areas of study in philosophy is metaphysics‚ which deals in the ideas of the nature of reality. "We look at the world‚ and we assume that it is the way it appears to be. It is not." (Carreira 7). There is much to reality that can be discussed

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  • Metaphysics: Ontology and Universal Conceptions

    Metaphysics has been given many definitions over the years‚ Aristotle says that it is the science of being as being‚ or the study of everything that can be. Another definition given to metaphysics is the science of the most universal conceptions. My personal favorite would be metaphysics is the science of the most abstract conceptions. This‚ to me‚ is saying that metaphysics is the study of ideas real physics does not solve‚ things that cannot be measured by a gauge. Aristotle also said "The first

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  • Ontology and Miriam S Strangeness

    Ghostly Stalker In the short story “Miriam”‚ by Truman Capote writes about a transformation that occurs within an old widow. The widow‚ Mrs. Miller always lived by an organized lifestyle until she encounters Miriam. As soon as Mrs. Miller befriends Miriam‚ she begins to stalk as well as make demands from Mrs. Miller. Soon her life begins to be manipulated by Miriam. Yet Mrs. Miller seems to be drawn to Miriam’s strangeness such as her inhumanness‚ possessive ability as well as her abnormal existence

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  • African American Religion, Ontology and Stories - Essay

    African American religion‚ Ontology and stories Diane Alvarado History 110 Dr. Lehman Exam 1 African Americans have many values and believes. They have their own commonalities that are found in African religion and their ontology. Their commonalities and shared ontology tell us about the Africans worldview. Not only that but we get to learn about their creation stories that helps us understand their culture and values. There are different stories and myths that explain how humans were

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