Job Design Worksheet

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Job Design Worksheet
Job design determines what work is done and how it is organised and performed. Job design takes the total work environment and work management practices into account when making decisions about an individual position. This worksheet asks a series of questions on aspects to consider in designing a job – the Design Elements – then links each aspect to the position description – Reference in Position Description. Design Elements Reference in Position Description

Job Purpose

Why is this job needed?
• What is this job doing for the organisation? • How does the job add to the total capability of the work area? • Is it a generalist or specialist role? • How often is the job needed? • How long is it needed for? • Could the work be dispersed to other positions or discontinued? The environment

Primary purpose of the position

Organisation environment Key challenges and influences

How does the environment impact on the job? How does the job impact on the environment? Does the job fit the organisation’s culture? • What is the operating environment like in the work area? In the organisation? • Do priorities, technology, resourcing, stakeholder requirements change often? • What are the political, industrial and other sensitivities? Job activities

Do the tasks form a coherent whole job with varied capability requirements? Is this a satisfying job for the employee? • What tasks or work activities does the job need to do? • How often do the activities/tasks need to be done? • Is there travel involved? How frequently? How will this impact on the individual and the team? • What is the likely volume of work? • Is the work varied? Routine? Challenging? Boring? • Is there an element of planning and discretion in the job? • Will meetings be a significant part of this job? • Is there management and collegial support for the employee?

Key outcomes/ accountabilities

April 2011


Design Elements

Reference in Position Description Workplace safety cannot be covered fully in the position description Health screening and safety training requirements may be included under Other requirements

Job risks – OH&S

What are the OH&S risks associated with the job? What can you do to reduce exposure to risks? • What are the inherent physical and mental fitness requirements of the job? • Are there work stress, ergonomic or other OH&S issues? • Is an occupational assessment required? • Are pre-employment medical/physical screening tests required? • Are employees required to undertake safety training? Job risks – other

What are the other organisational risks associated with the job? What can you do to reduce exposure to these risks? • Is staff retention likely to be an issue? • Can service continuity be maintained if the position occupant is on leave or the job falls vacant unexpectedly? • What is the risk that corporate knowledge could be lost? Is it shared or in some other way protected? Work organisation

These are work management issues not generally included in the position description.

Is the way the work is organised seamless and efficient?
• How does the job interface with the work of other employees? • Is it clear who is responsible for what? • Are there any gaps in coverage of the work? • Is there duplication of work? • What knowledge and other resources can employees share? Reporting relationships

These are work management issues not generally included in the position description.

Position details Organisation environment Organisation chart

Are the reporting lines logical and realistic?
• Who does the job report to? Is this logical, given its work? • Does the job require a dual reporting line? For example, separate professional and administrative reporting lines. • How many others report to the same manager? • How many report to this position? • Do the numbers allow direct reports to be coached/developed? • If the job is a supervisory/managerial role, does it also have...
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