HCS 475 Implementing Change

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Implementing Change Paper
Brianna Rodriguez
HCS 475
October 20, 2014
Brandi Muro
Implementing Change
In any organization, the manager wears many hats. Their responsibilities go beyond just managing a group of people. On top of managing, they have to be communicators, coaches, and advocates, just to name a few of the many hats. Part of being an effective communicator includes reporting and implanting changes that may come down from upper management. Change can bring out many emotions in people, like anxiety. How a manager handles the change and implements it within their department can either make their people feel good about it, or heighten their concerns ("Managers And Supervisors: Importance And Role", 2014).  What is the manager’s role and responsibility in implementing change in the department? When implementing change within a department, there are specific responsibilities that a manager must uphold. First and foremost, it is important for the manager to inform the employees of what is going on and most importantly as soon as possible. When employees sense that there may be a change, it often causes panic. When the employees aren’t sure of what exactly is going on, it allows their minds to run wild with all the possibilities and often times they are negative. Therefore, it is important they are given all the necessary information up front before they have time to assume what is going to happen (Scott, 2014). Once all the relevant information has been relayed and the employees understand all the changes that are going to take place, the manager then needs to switch into support mode. They need to be able to support their entire team through the process that is about to unfold. For example, this is important if the change will bring a heavier workload. The manager will need to provide support to the team so that they will adjust to the change as seamlessly as possible. Lastly, overall good management techniques are important when a change is being...
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