Importance of Communication

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Importance of communication
Good morning,ladies and gentelmen.Today,my topic is “Importance of communication”.Communication is easily ignored by us,because it is the basic of our live and we communicate with each other every day by using words or actions to deliver a massage.When we study at school,communication is needed;when we apply for a job ,communication is needed,even when we go for a trip,communication is needed.What means “communication”?It is found in Oxford dictionary is that communication is the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information”.So,without communication there is no way to express our feelings.Now, it is neccessary for us to pay more attention to it.There many ways to provide communication ,one is verbal communication ,the other is nonverbal communication. Let’s move on the first argument---verbal communication.We do it every day and we need to speak out our idea clearly to let people receive your massage.For example,if you are a negotiator,you should be able to persuade people ,influence others by providing valuable points.You can convey your better ideas to your boss,you can persuade people who is painful to calm him down or you can represent your company to trade with other.The better communication you can make,the great success you will achieve.Sometimes,it is easy to say than done.It is time to make us pay more attention to its importance. We all know that verbal communication is direct and clear.However,nonverbal communication may more powful and reflect a person’s real internal sometimes.Especially in business,we can see many different nonverbal signals based on different national cultures.Such as,both China and USA ,smiling represents happniness and friendliness.But Koreans regard too much smiling as a sign of shanllowness.Hence,they usually look serious and don’t readily smile.In Japan,smiling not only when they are pleased but also to hide expression of embarrassment and...
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