Garbage Dumps

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PROJECT SCENARIO:Garbage Dumps - One day they are all going to blow on our faces.. TEAM MEMBERS:
Prof.D.Muthu(Department of civil engineering)

1) Introduction
2) What Is Waste?
3) Garbage Dumps -A Major Global Issue
4) First Scenario:India
A)Waste Disposals(Msw)
B)Waste Treatments(Msw)
C)Upcoming Problems:
i)Plastic Wastes (Problem and Solution For Eradication) ii)E-Waste(Problema and Solution)
D)New Tech:Plasma Gasification:
E)On Going Projects For Wastes Management:
i)Landfill Mining Project All Over India.
ii)Recycling Based On Priorities
5)Second Scenario:Tamil Nadu
B)On Going Project:
i)Zero Waste Management-Vellore.
ii)Garbage Disposal System -Vallam Near Thanjavur
6)Third Scenario:Our College(Sastra)
A)About Sastra
B) Detailed Study And Disposal / Sewage / Sullage Generated In Sastra :- C)Ongoing Project:
i)Go Green 2020
7)Preventive Measures
8)Responsibilities Of Each Citizen.
9)What Can We Do?
As India is the second highest populated country in the world, the system of garbage disposal plays a vital role. We would like to project various garbage disposals which contains hazardous materials. We have taken our college as one of the scenarios where all types of garbage disposal techniques / methods are implemented. Apart from this, we also deal this problem in general with a new technologies being discovered and put into action, according to the government acts(law) / new waste management policy. "Ever-mounting glut of waste materials is characteristics by-product of modern "Consumer Society" - STUART EWEN. So let us deal elaborately about the waste management.

1. Many environmentalists have defined/described that the definition of waste rely on their prespective views. 2. Generally ,we define wastes as the unwanted or undesirable materials collected from garbage,trash,industries,home,litters etc. 3) GARBAGE DUMPS -A MAJOR GLOBAL ISSUE :

The garbage dumps contains the following charcteristics: a)Corrosiveness: these are wastes that include acids or bases that are capable of corroding mental containers. e.g. tanks.
b)Ignitability: this is waste that can create fires under certain condition. e.g. waste oils and solvents.

1. Reactivity: these are unstable in nature, they cause explosions, toxic fumes when heated. 2. Toxicity: waste which are harmful or fatal when ingested or absorb. These characteristics cause harmful environmental and health issues. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with garbage dumps at the initial stages to prevent their consequences. Impacts of solid waste on Environment:

1. Waste breaks down in landfills form methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 2. Change in climate and destruction of ozone layer due to waste biodegradable Littering, due to waste pollutions, illegal dumping and leaching etc,. Leaching: is a process by which solid waste enter soil and ground water and contaminating them. Why reduce solid wastes?

* Three fourth of the materials that are collected are considered to be an unnecessary waste of the earth's resources. * Huge amounts of air pollution, greenhouse gases, and water pollution cause health and mental imbalance . 4)FIRST SCENARIO - INDIA

1. The stench and the ugly sight of garbage disposals on the roadside. 2. The wastes overflowing from drains or floating on the surface of rivers is...

References: -Freeman M. H. 1989. Standard Handbook of Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal, McGraw-Hill Company, USA.
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