Utilization of Biodegradable Kitchen Wastes Into Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms

Topics: Soil, Fertilizer, Lumbricus terrestris Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Utilization of Biodegradable Kitchen Wastes into Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms * Abstract
One of the effective means to at least lessen the occurrence of our present garbage disposal problem is through the use of methods that are non-toxic, less expensive, less-harmful, and yet equally effective. This project aims to provide for a natural and effective way of disposing garbage. During the experiment, kitchen wastes were collected. The materials were shredded and placed in garbage bags with small holes. The temperature inside the bags was allowed to lower. Three set-ups were prepared and were covered with plastic. The first box contained pure carabao manurd, the second box contained 70 percent carabao manure and 30 percent processed kitchen wastes and the third box contained pure processed kitchen waste. Lumbricus terrestris was placed in each set-up. The boxes were placed in a lighted area while maintaining their moisture. After drying, the Lumbricus terrestris were gathered. The resultant product, called “earthworm castings,” was then sun-dried and passed through a fine sieve to remove foreign materials. Results showed that the casting from kitchen wastes and manure was highest in percentage total nitrogen, third highest in percentage total P205, and highest in percentage total K20. It was concluded that organic kitchen wastes can be converted into a competitive organic fertilizer using Lumbricus terrestris. The organic fertilizer produced by using earthworms can compete in terms of nutrient contents with other organic fertilizers. * Introduction

A good alternative in solving our garbage problem is vermicomposting, the process in which organic wastes are decomposed naturally with the use of earthworms. This research focuses on the efficient decomposition of organic kitchen wastes using Lumbricus terrestris and converting these wastes into organic fertilizer that can compete in terms of nutrient content with other organic fertilizers. This study...
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