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the country will lead to developingof biomethanation processes for the use of substrates other than cattle dung. At present,most of them are treated as waste, garbage, nuisance and hazard. The improper or inadequate disposal of such wastes leads to unhealthy conditions. This becomes a sourceof pollution and a public health problem. If such waste is recycled in a biogas plant, itwill be a source of energy, health and wealth. 2)Alternative substrates for biomethanation When alternative substrates...

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WASTE MANAGEMENT.... -Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and the process is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. Waste management is a distinct practice from resource recovery which focuses on delaying the rate of consumption of natural resources. All wastes materials, whether they are solid, liquid, gaseous...

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7 Wastes

Toyota Production System (TPS) and is one of the three types of waste (Muda, Mura, Muri) that it identifies. Mura signifies wastes due to unevenness and muri signifies wastes due to overburden. Waste as defined by Toyota’s president, Fujio Cho, is “anything other than the minimum amount of equipment, materials, parts and workers which are absolutely essential to production”. The seven types of wastes identified are 1. Overproduction – Waste due to producing before customer requires or more than needed...

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Waste and Energy

Waste and Energy Paper ENV / 100 October 28, 2013 Pamela Primrose Waste and Energy Paper Environmental Science is a way to obtain agricultural knowledge of how things are going on around the world and the effect it has on the environment. In this document you will obtain a brief explanation of nuclear waste, plastic, coal and oil. What are the alternatives of other energy resources, advantages and disadvantages that would contribute to stabilize the environment currently around the the...

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Food Waste

There is no clear description regarding food waste in a universal matter either historically or presently, making it perplexing in definition and comparison. What is clear is that food waste continues to grow at a rapid pace with the expansion of a world population experiencing societal and agricultural developments in an era where land and other resources are becoming more limited. The increase in waste and category of foods which people throw away has transformed with time through the advancement...

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Chemical Waste Management

CHEMICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES INTRODUCTION Chemical waste is managed in various ways, some which are environment friendly and some which are hazardous. It has effects on water supply, fertility of the soil, climate, health of individuals, et.c. What really matters is how well this waste is managed. Chemical waste management typically includes the collection, transportation, processing and recycling/disposal of chemical waste. In past times, it was the role of the country to...

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Impact of Leather Waste

1.1.1. Leather industrial waste: Prominent effectiveness of leather industry is amplified by high input and expenditure but on other side it causes huge waste of resource, incredible environmental pollution and biological chain destruction [17]. Streams of gaseous, liquid and solid waste are resulted by environmental blow of tanneries. Global leather industry generates 4 million tones of solid waste per year [18]. People use products of the leather-processing industry on a daily basis. These include...

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Food Waste

Recycling of Food Waste in Tsuen Wan A. Introduction From the Environmental Protection Department, 3584 tonnes of food waste are produced in Hong Kong everyday and it fill up all the landfills in Hong King. To reduce food waste, the government propose recycling of food waste. The following report will analyse the opinions on whether the government should carry out recycling of food waste in Tsuen Wan. Food waste is defined as uneaten food and food preparation wastes from residences...

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Food Waste in America

Food Waste    40%  of  the  food  America  produces  is  wasted.1   Have  you  ever  thought  of  how  much  food  you  waste  a  day?  The  average  American  wastes  about  250  pounds  of  food  every  year.2   That’s  about $600 dollars  worth  of  food.3   Imagine  what  you  could  do  with  $600.00.  No one  notices  what  is  in the  back  of  their  fridge or  what goes into their trash can. Before  you say  that  you don’t do  that, think  back  to  a moment  when you had the  chance  to ...

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Waste Management

CASE STUDY Okay...are you ready for a CASE STUDY about GARBAGE?!? See the below case study and answer the questions at the end of this case. SMELLING SWEET SUCCESS AT WASTE MANAGEMENT By Martha Rogers, Ph.D. Not long ago, it appeared that refuse giant Waste Management was headed for the recycle bin. Accounting troubles forced the company to pay shareholders $220 million in 1998 because of overstated earnings. In 1999, shareholders sued after learning executives sold shares prior to an...

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