Waste and Frugality

Topics: Waste, Pollution, Value Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Frugality Should Be Passed Down To Youth
Good values are the good habits that should be passed down generation by generation. Today, our society is seeing a terrible amount of lack of value, many good values seem no longer exist, such as frugality. Our society needs frugality, it needs this value check and mindset change. However people are forgetting the frugality of extreme importance which we need to focus on, people are living in a extravagance wasteful public. In the last three decades, because of the reform and opening up policy, China has witnessed great achievement in the economy. As a result, a higher living standard and much more recreational activities are available to Chinese people. So the youth can own more pocket money and enjoy a more colorful life than elder generation. However, it is not uncommon to see students purchasing luxurious commodities merely because of vanity and discarding necessities just because they are out-dated. So the value of frugality is more important than ever, youth should learn the meaning of frugality just like their elder generation. People should know the importance of frugality, because the world is short of the energy today. In Africa, there are some people have to walk more than ten mile to get a little water that can save their whole family. That also happened in the southwest of China. However, some young people even don’t bother to stretch one finger to turn off the taps or lights. They lack of empathy, because they can't imagine that there are some people even don’t have a light or water to use. What is worse, lots of youth seem to have been accustomed to such behavior and never feel guilty. So frugality should be pass down, people should not waste water. Save the world, save yourself. Today, environment problem is one of the major issues in China. So the value of frugality is reflected so importantly. No country in history has emerged as a major industrial power without creating a legacy of...
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