Wasteful Society

Topics: European Union, Food, Waste Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 8, 2007
America is one of the most wasteful countries in the world, and we ignorantly do not care. As a people, we promote the use of our resources in a manner that places style in front of efficiency. Marketing and advertisements play a huge part in shaping what Americans deem efficient. Even though we are given the information to make the educated choice when it comes to efficiency, we always opt for convenience. I to am just as guilty of being a wasteful American. I have allowed food to sit in the refrigerator until it was no longer edible, all because it no longer suited my appetite. I have also let the water run in the sink while doing the dishes. I have thrown out marketing material before even reading it. Leaving the lights on in a room that is not being occupied and leaving the television on while sleeping has all become second nature to an inefficient America. There was a time when you bought something, and when it broke, you get it fixed. Nowadays that is no longer the case when things break people throw it away and get a new one. One example is today, digital devices such as cameras and cell phones have added to a wasteful society. As electronics become cheaper and better, Americans feel the need to dispose of the old and purchase the new, adding to the unnecessary waste. In my opinion, Americans are the worst offenders when it comes to wasting food. Many do not want to fix meals. With super sized meals and excessive portions of food, waste in America is horrendous. On average, Americans waste 14% of the food they buy, including products still within their expiration date but never opened. As lifestyles become more hectic, convenience takes over efficiency. In conclusion, Americans are unlikely to give up the comfort and convenience of disposables. More waste is the price Americans will pay for products that are time consuming, convenient and disposable. Unless we are prepared to stop being so frugal and make significant changes in our life styles...
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