Personal Ethics Development Paper

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Health care Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: September 17, 2011
This paper begins by providing a definition of what personal values are. Everyone has personal values that guide and influence how they behave. This assignment asks that I share what and who has helped shape my own personal value, ground rules, and ethics development and how they affect my personal growth and decision-making in life and at work. In conclusion, I will explain how I believe personal values influence my performance in my workplace. Personal values.

People begin to develop values at a young age and values continue to progress and change throughout their lifetime. Values are socially and personally shared notions of the decent, desirable, and honorable. They are common beliefs about personally or socially ideal manners of conduct. They also establish opinions on what is and is not acceptable and unacceptable behavior in a person. Values are so pivotal to individuals’ personality and thought structure (Pitts & Woodside, 1991) that they guide peoples’ manners, decisions, opinions, integrity, and social behaviors. Basic qualities of values determine an individual’s outer behavior. Values assist with determining a person’s individual, social, and occupational choices (Saur & Khuntai, 2010).

What has influenced the development of my own personal values, growth, and decision making? My values are inspired by life experiences, my parents, coworkers, spiritual belief, and friends. I have also found courage from people I have read about who triumphantly survived difficult circumstances due to family or personal injury, childhood upbringing, or abusive relationships through their personal strength and perseverance. When I face difficult decisions or challenges in my life, I find strength knowing others survived greater challenges, and if they can so can I. I also believe in God, and although I occasionally forget to ask for strength and guidance when times are tough, when I do ask for his guidance, circumstances always turn out for the best both...
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