Week 1: Personal Value Paper Assignment

Topics: Philosophy of life, Culture, Morality Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods
March 14, 2011
Amy Olsen

Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods
I believe that one’s values are the foundation to his/her personal and career success. They appear in all of the aspects of one’s life. Some defines values as the concepts that describe the beliefs of a person or culture. They are considered subjective and vary across people and cultures. Values include ethical/moral values, doctrinal/ideological (political, religious) values, social values, and aesthetic values. Some experts will debate that values are innate (selfgrowth, 2011). I argue that values are learned from one’s parents at an early age. In this paper, I will emphasize on the following: The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment, reflecting of my values from assessment and comparing them to that of Kudler Fine Foods. The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment (WIEAI) Ethics Awareness Inventory is a program that allows a person to assess his/her ethic style. The WIEAI self assessment is composed of a series of questions in which the answers help to categorize a person’s ethical style. The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) helps us to determine our values with respect to ethics (University of Phoenix, 2010). Parents thrive to teach their children values they believe will help them become a “good person.” A person’s values are also influenced by his/her culture. For example, most Haitians will report to be insulted if they offer somebody a gift and for him/her to refuse it. This concept has been passed on from generations of Haitian Families to the next. Families tend to determine what is moral/ethical or not. Some families find that their children will embrace other moral lessons as they begin to be influenced others and different cultures. Some are reluctant to change. I have worked with many diverse families (Muslims, Middle Eastern, Caribbean ect) who blame the...

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