Evaluating Personal Values

Topics: Better, Energy, Psychology Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Evaluating Personal value Paper
Ranjeetha Ravindra
June 5th,2011
Professor- Linda kulka.

Personal values should help explain and predict behavior of employees of an organization. Personal values often express and explain attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions. A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, every individual has a core set of personal values. Personal value of each individual should “Perform with Purpose”. Values can range from the commonplace, such as the belief in hard work and punctuality, to the more psychological, such as self-reliance, concern for others, and harmony of purpose. The researchers in recent years have looked at matching people to organizations as well as to jobs. The key point to keep in mind about values is that implementing them Energizes everything concerned with it. For an individual, committing to and applying values releases fresh energies, which always attract success, achievement, and well being. Likewise, when companies or other institutions adopt values, individuals working at the organization become energized, as do its customers, its products and services, and everyone and everything else associated with that organization. Once we identify values that are meaningful to us, we can develop strategies to implement them. Identifying your values is one of the most important factors in considering your career choices. Vital questions that need to be explored include:

Do my values match my interest? Do my values match the work involved in a particular organization? I personally believe, the most essential personal values are Commitment, Continuous improvement, Quality of work, Team work, Efficiency and last but not least Excellence.

COMMITMENT-It builds trust, validates ourselves to others and allows others to more deeply trust and respect us. Commitment defines us...
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