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By iwcio13 May 28, 2014 274 Words
UNDERSTAND HOW TO KEEP WASTE TO A MINIMUM IN A BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 4.1 Explain why waste should be kept to a min in a business environment Good environmental practice can reduce company’s costs by minimizing of use some materials for example water, paper or even energy. We can find a few reasons why we should minimizing waste in work environment but the most common are: save money, save energy, reduce waste products and save the Earth. 4.2 Identify the main causes of waste that may occur in a business environment * ENERGY

– When somebody live the room which is not be in use till end of the day and don’t switch the light off - when we live computers switch on at night
- when we print out some not important e-mails
- when we print out some documents before we check any mistakes * STATIONERY
- people leave pens, notebooks and another stationery somewhere and take an effort to find it when they need it so it’s easier to take a new one 4.3 Identify ways of keeping waste to a min in a business environment - cut down the materials need to be purchased

-use a scrap paper to make a notes
- ask staffs to clear their desk time to time to look for excess pens, sticky labels and other supplies - order only a limited amount of supplies for a short period - turn off the lights if you are the last one leaving

- when we are going to buy a new office machine we should chose the one which save energy - use electronic storage rather than paper files

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