The Hidden Life Of Garbage Analysis
Pages: 3 (661 words) / Published: Oct 3rd, 2016

The United States has created a “melting-pot” full of diversity and many other differences, but the diversity and the differences have caused some highly difficult challenges that may have solutions that seem unsolvable. One of the many challenges is with the landfills and how much waste average citizens produce. Another one of the numerous challenges the country is facing is the line of language diversity. The last challenge that can cause distress upon the country is racism. With all of the challenges together a solution may seem insurmountable, but with hard work and determination these challenges may finally be solved. Landfills have been used for centuries and they are quick and easy ways to get rid of garbage and others wastes. In the story “The Hidden Life of Garbage”, Heather Rodgers elaborates on how a company called Waste Management Inc. hides the pollution from the public eye. Rodgers tells how all of the waste is pushed into landfills and how the malodorous and repugnant landfills leak into the soil …show more content…
People are starting to be desensitized to the value of another person’s life, especially if they are from another culture. Cultural diversity started America and many Americans are starting to stray away from the original idea of how America should be. Everyone has different opinions on racism, but it is a proven fact that if racism did not exist then almost all of our issues in America would not be issues anymore. When watching the news on television, many of the top stories are for Americans slaughtering one another because of deeply rooted racial conflicts. In order for America to get rid of racial conflicts and prejudices, it will have to have all Americans learn to value each other’s lives and respect each other’s religion, culture, language, and personal beliefs. Racism is a problem with an extremely hard solution, but if the solution was strongly supported, then racism may finally come to an

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