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Present Situation
A major problem which the companies world over are facing today due to their heavy dependence on electronic equipment is that of electronic-waste. Indian companies planning to raise capital abroad have to meet certain environmental regulations, which are also required for competitive advantage in marketing and getting insurance for themselves. At present major companies in India dispose off their e-waste through sale to scrap dealers. The waste passes through various processing units, mainly unorganised that use child labour and also ergonomically and environmentally dangerous processes. There is at present no single solution provider to handle the needs of disposal of e-waste in accordance with international standards.


Business Strategy
‘ENV-OĆE’ plans to provide ‘Green Solutions for the E-conscious’ through an efficient system of e-waste management. The benefits for the client are two fold
Fulfilling the CSR needs of the client company
Protection from legislative action with regards to violation of Environmental Pollution acts. The objective of our business is to structure e-waste management and make it safer for the stakeholders and the environment. ENV-OĆE offers the chance to its clients to align with global standards and distance themselves from practises like child labour and toxic dumping which can become a liability in the future.

Target Market
Our target market consists of industries which generate large amounts of e-waste such as •IT sector (30% of the equipment of firms like Infosys and Wipro becomes obsolete every year ) •Government Institutions

Sectors like Media, Telecom and Hotels consistently generate waste in the form of television monitors, wires, PCBs, tube lights, heaters (apart from e-waste consisting of computers and related equipment)

Operating Strategy
‘ENV-OĆE’ offers an integrated solution to these companies in the form of non- hazardous, eco-friendly method of disposing off...
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