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Topics: Recycling, Environment, Management Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: August 31, 2013

To: Supervisor
From: Employee
Date: December 22, 2008
RE: Eco-friendly Waste Management at Booz Allen Hamilton

Energy and the environment are likely to be critical growth markets for Booz Allen Hamilton, moving forward; indeed, we have already begun to develop a “greening” service offering. But are we setting a good example with our own practices in Booz Allen facilities? On our McLean campus, the Hamilton building is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified; however, the James building does not use recyclable products in its kitchen spaces. Additionally, communications regarding Booz Allen’s “green” initiatives are limited, both internally and externally. We are likely to face challenges selling our clients on environmentally responsible practices if we are not ourselves forward-looking. With 20,000 employees in 80 offices, Booz Allen Hamilton has much to gain from focusing its attention on its own enormous environmental footprint.

I would like to propose a project to develop a plan to make waste management in Booz Allen Hamilton facilities more environmentally-friendly. Specifically, the proposal will focus on reducing waste and increasing recycling. The purpose is to garner support from Booz Allen leadership for the proposal’s recommendations and implementation strategy, and the approval to move forward in executing the plan.

Considering its expanding opportunities in the energy and environment markets and its new “greening” service offering, Booz Allen would benefit from a closer examination of its own environmental programs and initiatives. A thoroughly researched and well developed implementation plan and communications strategy for “green” waste management in Booz Allen Hamilton facilities will help us achieve our corporate social responsibility goals and increase employee awareness of environmental issues. Research suggests that sustainable practices for waste management...
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