The Hidden Life Of Garbage

Topics: Recycling, Composting, Waste management, Landfill / Pages: 2 (465 words) / Published: Dec 17th, 2014
Rachel Hamilton
Mrs. Martin
English 111
“The Hidden Life of Garbage”
11 December 2014

1. She says that landfills are tucked away to avoid people asking difficult questions about the sights they see.
2. The landfill’s “working face” is where the dumping takes place.
3. Rogers believes GROWS is aptly named because it is a mega-fill, and continues to grow.
4. The danger of the new state of the art landfills are that if any toxic wastes seeps into the near-by water treatment’s water line the results could be devastating.
5. The repressed question is: “what if we didn’t have so much trash to get rid of?
Purpose and Audience:
1. She states her thesis in paragraph 2. “Although the great majority of our castoffs go to landfills, they are places the public is not meant to see.”
2. Rogers is trying to establish a vision of terrible landfills contaminating our world. She is successful at this attempt.
3. She doesn’t agree with how waste is currently disposed, and neither do I.
Style and Structure:
1. Rogers specifically describes the type of morning it is, the material and weight of the trucks, the sounds they make, and what the workers are doing.
2. In my opinion, there is no certain order Rogers arranges her essay.
3. This essay is subjective because she describes the landfills in detail.
4. The words environmentally responsible are in quotations because she is portraying a sarcastic attitude towards it. The state-of-the-art landfills are not environmentally responsible.
5. The point of her essay isn’t to propose solutions to the problem she states, she wants to inform people of what the landfills are actually doing and hoping someone may do something about it in years to come.
Hydraulic: operated by a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure
Rejectamenta: things rejected as useless/worthless
Sequestered: to remove/ withdrawal into retirement
Hydroseeded: to seed by water propelled by a hose
Butte: an isolated hill or maintain

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