Door to Door Collection of Segregated Garbage and Systematic / Scientific Disposal Through Verminculture

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1.Improper disposal of domestic garbage in any human habitation always leads to disastrous consequences in the environment. Methods of garbage disposal in various parts of our country especially in urban and semi-urban area are either non-scientific or short sighted. Air Force stations are no exception to this fact. However, inherent advantage of Air Force Stations in terms of its homogeneous population and sound administration is an ideal bed rock for initiating and implementing a systematic and scientific way of garbage disposal.

2.Generally at Air Force Stations, garbage bins are constructed all over the area and are located centrally near a block of quarters. The unit incumbants are in habit of throwing the garbage outside the centrally located garbage bins. The throwing of garbage around garbage bins give a very untidy look and indirectly becomes the breeding place for stray dogs, other animals, birds and insects.

3.In every station there is a conservancy contract for disposal off garbage and cleaning the garbage bins. The conservancy contract is responsible for removal and disposal of garbage, fifth, rubbish, dry leaves, grass, twigs and branches from all the place within the campus. However, this generally is not the case in the absence of effective supervision.


4.The aim of this service paper is to device a method to implement a system of door to door collection of segregated garbage and systematic/ scientific disposal through vermiculture at units / stations.


5.Everyday housewives, servants, dispose off garbage in garbage bins. The entire day’s garbage thus gets accumulated in and around the centrally located garbage bins. This garbage is then lifted by the conservancy contractor and disposed off to a site earmarked by administration. However it is seen that at majority of the Air Force stations this is practically not carried out, thus resulting in accumulation of heaps comprising of fifth, rubbish, dry leaves, grass, twigs and branches which in turns also choke the storm water drains.

6.Till the time garbage is lifted from garbage bins it becomes food for stray dogs, animals and birds. These stray animals enter the garbage bins and shuffle through the garbage, thus littering it all over the place. This not only presents a very untidy and unclean picture of the surroundings, but is also a health hazard.

7.Disadvantages of Present System.

(a)The tendency of the house wives, servants is generally to throw the garbage into the garbage bins by standing far away, resulting in piling of garbage outside garbage bins.

(b)By the time conservancy personnel arrive for collection of garbage, the garbage is already littered all over due to strong winds, stray dogs, bird etc and eminates foul smell.

(c)Gives rise to breeding / attracting house files and insects.

(d)Blocking of monsoon drains.

8.Above aspects directly contribute to the difficulties for administration in:

(a)Keeping the camp surrounding neat and clean.

(b)Curbing the increase in population of stray dogs, birds and animals, thereby controlling dog and bird menance.

(c)Maintaining sanitation and hygiene.

(d)Keeping the rain water drainage system free of all blockages.

(e)Spreading of garbage all over increase the bird activity thereby endangering flight safety.


9.To prevent piling and unwanted spreading of garbage, waste papers and poly bags all over campus surroundings, daily door to door collection of segregated garbage, be introduced in every Air Force unit/ Station. For conduct of this, the existing conservancy staff be deployed to collect garbage from each house, awareness campaign for station personnel to include the following:

(a)Segregating garbage inside house till the collector takes away the...
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