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Thesis English

By Kanari-Aoi Mar 08, 2015 314 Words
Statement of the Problem
This study dealt with the affects of waste dumps to wards the residents of Barangay Suarez, Karetas Village, Iligan City. Specifically, it intended to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms

1.1 Age
1.2 Gender
1.3 Occupation
2. What were the effects they encountered ?
3. What are the effects of Waste Dumping towards health ?
4. Do people get sick easily or they were already immune ?
5. What conclusion and recommendation can be drawn from the study ?

Scope and Delimitation of the study
This study was conducted in Barangay Suarez, Karetas Village, Iligan City. It is concerned about the affects of waste disposal upon residents. The success is depending on the cooperation of the ten (8) residents in answering the given questionnaires distributed to them. Theenvironmental affects of the waste dumps as well as the manner of dumping are beyond the scope of this study

This research focuses on the effects of waste disposal in Brgy. Suarez, Karetas Village, Iligan City. This also aims to inform them and the difficulties they encountered. This research also tells the people how bad smell can effect their daily life, and how pollutions can affect natural environment that can cause adverse changes. This research tells why waste in Karetas Village is very abundant because of mismanangement of waste.

Conceptual Framework
This diagram show the problem, the affected, and the output of the improper way of waste disposal. This explains the problem, which is the improper waste disposal, lack of garbage collectors, improper segrega of waste, and lack of knowledge about waste managament. Those who are affected are the residents, the children, the old citizens, and also the Environment itself. And the result of this are serious disease, suffering from bad smell, unability of eating healthy foods, carrying the disease to neighboring puroks, and an increase of pollutiom problems

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