Being a Responsible Steward Starts at the Community

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Waste Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Being a Responsible Steward Starts at the Community : A Clean and Green Enviromental Project I. Ecological Problem : Improper Garbage Disposal
II. Target Specific Community : Maharlika Village, Bulacao, Talisay City, Cebu III. People Involved :
a.) Azza Nur Olandag
b.) Jashley Kesha Diaz Ng
c.) Charmaine Coronel
d.) Mary Lilybeth Olandag (mother of Olandag)
e.) Sedronico Olandag (father of Olandag)
f.) Maritchu Bagona (yaya of Diaz Ng)
g.) Leovina Coronel (mother of Coronel)
h.) Friends/Neighbors
IV. LGU;s/NGO’s/Government Agencies Tapped :
a.) Barangay Tanod
V. Dates of Community Immersion :
VI. Time Frame :
Part I (June 27-July 18)
Part II ( July 19- July 28)
VII. Procedure/Steps:
1. We`ll conduct a survey on Maharlika Village Bulacao, Talisay City, Cebu and point out the specific area where our project will take place.
2. Inform our family members about the plan and explain it thoroughly. We will also ask for their suggestions to make the project more productive.
3. Send letters to the Barangay Officials, friends and neighbors requiring their cooperation for this project. We will also orient them on what to do for the immersion.
4.Agree with all participants of the certain time and date of immersion, materials to be brought, and snacks to be served. B.
1. Start the cleaning. Start from the dirtiest areas that you have gathered through the survey to the not so dirty areas.
2. When disposing the waste and garbage, remember to set aside those RECYCLABLE MATERIALS.
3. Don`t burn the biodegradable materials. Instead, dig a hole , put everything there and cover it with soil.
4. Set aside or keep the recyclable materials for future remaking of products.
5. Serve the snacks for the people who participated in the clean-up project.
6. Remind the people of the next date of the community immersion and thank them for their participation VIII. Goal:
Our goal is to have a clean and...
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