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Pile composting The animal waste and kitchen waste including some amount of leaves were mixed into the compost heap. Addition of daily generated waste was done in the same heap. Overturning of the compost pile was done in every 3 months for smooth decomposition. At the simplest level, the process of composting simply requires making a heap of wetted organic matter (leaves, "green" food waste, dung etc.) and waiting for the materials to break down into humus after a period of weeks or months. Modern...

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The Effects of Composting on the Environment

landfills by composting can have my benefits to humans and the environment, including healthier soil, cleaner air, and money well spent on better resources. Composting, also known as nature’s natural way of recycling, is breaking down different food waste products biologically into a useful substance that can be used in gardens to make soil more rich and healthy (Composting Benefits). There are numerous benefits of composting food waste instead of carting it away to a landfill. First, composting has many...

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Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance

is and how it is enforced. Second, I want to discuss the benefits of compost recycling. And last I want to talk about how other major cities can adopt this type of recycling to reduce their own waste. The San Francisco Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance states, “All persons in San Francisco must source their refuse into recyclables, compostables, and trash, and place each type of refuse in a separate container designated to that type of refuse. No person may mix recyclables, compostables...

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Composting Process Control C:N Ratio * Organic mixture will have to provide the microbes with the correct balance of carbon and nitrogen. The ideal ratio for a composting mixture is accepted to be C:N 30. * C:N ratios within the range of 25:1 to 40:1 result in an efficient process. * High C:N ratio - without adequate nitrogen, microbes lack the tools required to break down carbon sources. The process will proceed very slowly. * Low C:N ratio - nitrogen in excess of what the microbes...

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turn trash to treasure

This is the kind of method we know that has long been practiced since centuries ago.  Composting was invented to overcome consume of space in landfills beginning in the 1920s in Europe as well as a tool for organic farming. The first industrial station for the transformation of urban organic materials into compost was set up in Wels/Austria in the year 1921.Early frequent citations for propounding composting within farming are for the German-speaking world Rudolf Steiner, founder of a farming method...

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Compost Benefits

decomposition Weed plants heavily laden with seeds might be better left out of the compost pile if the compost is to be returned to the garden. Even though some seeds are killed during composting, there is the chance that some seeds will survive and create an unnecessary weed problem. There are fast and slow methods of composting. The speed that compost forms all depends on the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, surface area of particles, aeration, moisture, and temperature. Controlling these factors along with...

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Bioremediation of Explosive Contaminated Soil

and fruit and vegetable processing wastes, the explosives become broken down into harmless chemical forms.(3) Bioremediation methods are classified into two categories: Composting, and bioslurries. Composting: According to the EPA's Fact Sheet on Composting of Soils Contaminated by Explosives, the process of composting operates as a result of naturally occurring microorganisms breaking down the explosive contaminants in the soil. Using the contaminants as "food," the microorganisms convert...

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10 Sir, who swells with pride on learning that I am in the village to hear about their new composting machine. “Mayors from all over the country are calling me or are coming to see for themselves what we have done here,” he says. “Everybody is suffering from the waste problem because there is so much construction in Lebanon and the people are living closer 15 together.” The mayor guides me to the composting site. Here a round drum, about ten metres long, rotates smoothly with conveyor belts on either...

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Organic Gardening

acre site produced 20,000 pounds of fresh produce which includes producing watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans, and many herbs. Workshops in the Garden include topics such as Water Conservation, Organic Gardening, Composting, Cooking in the Garden, and many more as well as on-site training for the beginner gardener looking for some tips are available year round and coincide with current projects in the Garden. The reason why the food banks garden is so successful is...

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Sustainability Assignment

contaminates before they reach the environment. Any landfill that could not conform to the new federal regulations were closed down. 2. Compare and contrast landfills, open dumps, and industrial compost facilities. Open dumps, landfills, and industrial composting are three methods in which solid waste is disposed of. These three methods have overlapping history and methods, while also being distinctive entities. Open dumps are the predecessor to the modern landfill. Open dumps in the United States have...

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