Effects of Light Exposure on Germination

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IRP 3: Germination


Germination is the process of which a plant of fungus emerges from its seed or spore. Germination involves activating the seed’s metabolism, which is done through numerous stages. The fist stage involves the rehydrating the cell by absorbing water. This allows the cell to become metabolically active. After water absorption, gibberellin is produced in the cotyledon of the seed. The enzyme gibberellin stimulates the production of amylase, which catalyzes the digestion of starch and converts it into maltose in the food the seed stores. Maltose is then transported to the growth regions of the seed. Maltose is converted into glucose, which can either be used in the cell for aerobic cellular respiration or other substances needed for growth. After the leaves of the seed are exposed to light, photosynthesis provides the seed with food and the food stores are no longer needed. In this research, the relationship between Mung bean light exposure and germination will be investigated.

In order for germination to take place certain external factors are needed. Water must be available for the seed to hydrate the dry tissues to activate the seed’s metabolism. Oxygen must also be available for the cell to perform aerobic cellular respiration. The environment the seed is germinating in must be in suitable temperatures. Enzymes within the seed for germination is affected by temperature, if the temperature is too cold or hot, the process of germination may be slow or impossible.

Research Question: The affect of different hours of light exposure in the germination of Mung Beans.

The independent variables in this research include the different amount of times Mung beans are exposed to light. The different amount of time involved with light exposure for Mung beans consisted of two-hour intervals. The amounts of light Mung beans were exposed to wear 0-2-4-6-8 hours of light within a period of 24 hours for three days.

The dependent variable within the research was the germination of the Mung beans. The dependent variable was measured by counting the number of Mung beans germinated within each 24-hour period and recorded as quantitative data, qualitative data was also recorded as well.

The research was also conducted with controlled variables involved. The control groups within the research were the trails not receiving any amount of light at all. All Mung beans were exposed to the same light intensity and source. The light source was a lamp placed at a distance of 24 centimeter above the petri dishes. The petri dishes were also left in the same location that had a constant room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The same amount of water, 40 milliliters of water was poured in each petri dish as well, coming from the same source.

* 20 Petri Dishes
* 400 Mung Beans
* Gradual Cylinder (100mls)
* Water
* 2 Lamps
* Cotton Buds
* Meter Stick

The research involved setting up an environment for Mung beans to germinate. Toured up pieces of cotton buds were placed in each petri dish to absorb water, allowing the hydration of Mung beans. 20 Mung beans were placed in each petri dished and 40 milliliters of water was distributed in each petri dish. After all previous steps have been executed; place the petri dishes under the light source for the desired amount of time. After the desired amount of time for petri dishes to be exposed to light, remove them and place them in a location with no light source available. After a span of 24-hours have passed since the Mung beans have be exposed to light, place the petri dish back under the light source for the desired amount of time. This process was repeated for each trail three times within a span of 72 hours. | |

| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | | | |
Number of Germinations Within the First 24-Hour Period
Trials and number of germinations| Number of...
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