CSR ISO26000

Topics: International Organization for Standardization, Social responsibility, Public sector Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Social responsibility
ISO 260000 (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide guideline for businesses for how to operate in a socially responsible way, it was established in 2010 and approximately 90 countries contributed in developing its content. ISO 26000 is not the law it provides companies with recommendations in how to act in a socially responsible manner, for example how to treat their staff, or the environment.

The benefits of using ISO 26000 are apparent. To start with it is a massive competitive advantage. Companies using ISO 26000 can be trusted from the consumer point of view for example. When buying goods one can be ensured that no socially irresponsible manors have occurred during the lifeline of the product. This also increases the businesses reputation positively. Furthermore, following the guidelines draws employees in, since they can count on fair treatment, and of course customers and business partners too. Employees will want to stay and be productive, after experiencing treatment and privileges, for example free health care. The way investors, owners, donors, sponsors and the financial community view the company will be distinguishable which will allow growth and ultimately greater profit margins. On top of these all it will help in building and maintaining relationships with for example media, suppliers, peers and the community it operates in.

When it comes to the public sector using ISO 26000, the benefits are similar. Contributors will seek to donate in the public hospitals or schools they know that follows the set guidelines. It gives a competitive advantage, for example in the traveling business if the countries public sector implies the ISO 26000, people might feel safer and better about the country as a whole and this will boost the countries financial position. Public sectors that use ISO 26000 also have an advantage in relationship building....
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