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In the reflection paper this week our team will be discussing TQM also known as Total Quality Management and ISO also known as International Organization for Standardization. In our discussion we will be discussing how TQM and ISO could be used to improve the organization and the challenges and benefits that come with using these tools. We will discuss the Quality Control department as it pertains and relates to ISO and TQM. What are TQM and ISO? Rachelle

ISO is a management system that creates to monitor the functions and data of an organization that works on monitoring basis to understand the proper balance required. It describes the functions and actions that have the minimum standard of quality systems. It is a tool to implement TQM, with basic requirements such as audit purposes.

TQM is a management system known as Total Quality Management. This system works on employees who participate in the program regularly and ensures the tools and technologies are managed within the departments. It focuses on searching the maximum results and how to achieve them. How might TQM and ISO be used to improve an organization? Scott

There are several ways in which TQM and ISO can be used to improve an organization. TQM helps organizations to involve themselves with the entire process, a veritable "birds eye view" that involves leadership in the whole process and in the proper way. TQM lends itself to more practical and tactical means of managing. The main focus of TQM is to improve overall consumer satisfaction by promoting consistency in performance and thereby meeting expectations with the same consistency. "TQM provides the quality assurance that customers will get what they expect, as well as a process for managing unsatisfied customers, make needed corrections and prevent similar re-occurrences" (Cebos.com, 2014). Research shows conclusively that the implementation of TQM improves standards in the workforce and overall output. By focusing on internal processes,...
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