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JIT and Process Standardization Just-in-Time is a philosophy that concentrates on the delivery of a product or service in the time, quantity, and quality desired by the customer. Applying just-in-time philosophy to the service industry by standardizing processes improves customer satisfaction. A fast food drive-through restaurant is a perfect example of how using JIT philosophy and standardization improves the process thus improves customer satisfaction. Implementing continuous improvements in...

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Standardization versus Adaptation in International Marketing

Standardization versus Adaptation There has been much debate over implementing a standardization strategy versus an adaptation approach across international markets. There are numerous factors to consider, along with pros and cons of both marketing plans. While standardization is equated with brand consistency, lower advertising costs, and overall synergy, adaptation is often required to address cultural differences for more effective communication and proves that cutting costs does not...

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Internal Customers, Physician Preference Items, and Standardization

Internal Customers, Physician Preference Items, and Standardization Physicians are both participants and customers of the health care supply chain.1 While the patient is the ultimate recipient of hospital products, the physician, or clinician decides which product to use.1 Physicians; because of their strong preferences, create up to 61 percent of total supply chain expenditures, and drive 80 percent of hospital expenditures.1, 2 Physicians possess a lot of power, and at times do not align with...

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CHEM 103 Exp 10 Standardization NaOH

EXPERIMENT 10 Volumetric Analysis I Standardization of NaOH Solution Outcomes After completing this experiment, the student should be able to: 1. 2. 3. 4. Demonstrate the concept of quantitative analysis. Make solution and standardize it. Explain the difference between primary and secondary standard solutions. Quantitatively determine the concentration of a base. Introduction Titration is a common method of quantitative analysis used to determine the concentration of an unknown substance in a solution...

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     He also tells us that these include 5 basic parts of the organization (the operating core,  strategy apex, middle line, techno, and supporting staff), 5 Basic Mechanisms of coordination  (mutual adjustment, direct supervision, and the Standardization of work processes, outputs, and  skills), the design parameters (job specialization, behavior formalization, training and  indoctrination, unit grouping, unit size, work schedule and performance control systems, liaison  devices, vertical ...

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International Trade and Product

disadvantages of standardization and adaptation? Explain with suitable examples. [10 Marks] Ans: Advantages of Standardization. International uniformity has its own advantages. As people travel the World, they can be assured that wherever they go the product that they buy from you will be same and that it will have the same, standard benefits. This could mean the components that they buy from you in different local markets as they themselves become global. Standardization reinforces positive...

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Case Jhundu

strategy. Spartan would like to reduce customer lead times for finished products from 14 weeks to six weeks. Second, Spartan would like to move from an inventory turnover rate of 4/year to 20/year. Third, Spartan would like to include some form of standardization in hopes of lowering costs for purchased goods. Quantitative Analysis Inventory Turnover (Purchasing $14M of inventory/year or 56% of revenues) - (Spartan) 4 turns/year: Holding costs of $875,000/year. (3.5M * 25% inventory carry costs) -...

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International Organization for Standardization

About ISO International Organization for Standardization is the largest developer and publisher of International standards. It consist of 162 countries and is a network of national standards of these. It is a non-governmental organization which fill the gap between the sectors i.e.public and private. On one side, ISO members are part of the governmental structures of their own country and on other hand, some ISO members are having their roots individually in private sector. ISO is derived from...

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International Marketing Strategy

Legal factors also play role in variations in packaging, advertising and the information of contents displayed. Global marketing strategy is primarily concerned with the global scope and coordination of marketing activities, and the extent of standardization and adaptation of products, brands, and promotion and advertising. Three steps are essential in developing a total worldwide strategy. First step is development of the core strategy as the basis of sustainable competitive advantage. It is usually...

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How to Build an Agile Foundation for Change

create efficiencies and cut costs through surges in technology investment and standardization. For a time, this strategy created advantage, but it also sapped flexibility. Having overestimated the importance of standardization, companies now find themselves bogged down with inflexible systems and processes. In order to survive and thrive amid constant change, companies must reclaim the right balance of standardization and flexibility and build strategic and operational agility into their business...

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