Case Summary the Fijian Experience

Topics: Problem solving, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Australia / Pages: 2 (272 words) / Published: Mar 25th, 2011
Case summary:
The Shangri-La Fijian Resort (FIJIAN) was one of the grand names of the Shangri-La International Hotel Group that well known as a world standard international hotel. The Fijian was enjoyed the strong and good reputation through the world, especially in some region such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific region. This resort was located in one of the big island at Fiji that is Yanuca. Fijian has around 450 room-resort and more than 800 local staff payroll. Most of the employee is an indigenous people, and took the front line department.
Furthermore, a problem was raised in The Fijian that involved Brett Taylor as an American expatriate owner-manager in that resort to take action and solve the issued. The issued was quite sensitive, because it relate to the local custom and practices. And he was definitely needed to consider about that things without being unfair with the other staff and keep strict to the rules. However, the dilemma was become more complicated because Brett Taylor has to take action between his staff which is Moala Tukana and Solome Suacake. The dilemma is Mola Tukana was being one of the company asset, because of his dedication, talent, and good performance in the work field, but in other side he was did mistake by allowed Solome took some money that she is not supposed be do. And Moala Tukana did it because of custom issued that cannot be avoided.

Problem Statement * The decision making dilemma faced by Brett Taylor that involved the professionalism of his staff in work field that related to the local custom

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