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Interwest Healthcare Corp. is a non-profit organization. This organization has not been doing well in the healthcare industry for the last couple of months. Interwest’s CFO found that the employees are not giving full concentration while data entry. Interwest continuously making wrong report and for this reason it deprived of getting federal funds from Government, which is a huge loss for them. The CFO Mr. Sing addressed the problem and managed a meeting with the employees including the CEO in order to fix the problem; but, the result is zero. Moreover, the employees said Mr. Sing is not taking care of patients. The CEO feels pressure do not maintain the commitment he made with the high authority of the company. Finally, in order for properly manage the company; the CEO hired a consultant with respect to get a constant decision that arises daily.

1. What are the potential sources of the problem?
Problem management is the process of addressing potential problem and at the same time solving the problem when it is necessary (Rouse, p.1, 2008). The CFO of Interwest’s Sing did address the problem, but he actually does not know how to solve the problem. Another major problem of Interwest is lack of a good relationship between employees from top to lower levels. It seems all employees are hardly meeting with the CEO and CFO when only the problem arises. Moreover, Organizational managers are the responsible for attaining all organizational goals; but, when they abstain from doing their tasks, company’s productivity goes down. The main product of healthcare institute is service; but, Mr. Sing is never dedicated to providing better service to patients (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, p. 38, 2009). As a result, employees get demotivated from the high officials and did careless work on their work. Furthermore, the absence of proper planning with respect to implement accurate information system is another source of the problem. Interwest might have faced out of...

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