Ethics Case

Topics: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Virtue Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: March 31, 2014
The issue in this ethics case regards Greg’s decision on reviewing his group mate Natalie’s poor teamwork. This analysis explains how to address the issue from each of the five ethical decision-making approaches. Each approach provides different ethical actions that help lead to a right decision. Even though there are different ways to determine which approach to use in Greg’s dilemma, the best approach to use in this situation is the justice approach. In the ethics case “Picking Up the Slack” there are notable facts of Natalie’s poor behavior and actions that negatively affect her final group project with Greg. Natalie’s poor behaviors include not paying attention in meetings, arriving late or hung over to the meetings, and not taking the final project seriously. There are insufficient facts to the reasons that compel Natalie to portray such poor performance leading to her marginally participating in discussions, planning, and writing. Natalie’s excuses are not displayed validly in this case. These excuses for her actions could range from family problems at home to other obligations that she has to deal with. This situation could have been better understood if there was information regarding Natalie’s personal life to determine the source of her poor decisions. Even though not all of the necessary facts are known, a decision can still be made with what has been stated. The main concern is the scale on which Greg is going to evaluate Natalie’s performance. Greg runs into a dilemma on how to rate Natalie’s lack of contribution. While everyone in the group has already been evaluated fairly, the only way to make the right decision would be to confront Natalie and give her the grade she deserves. The five ethical decision-making approaches have different views on how Greg should evaluate Natalie. The first approach, the utilitarian approach, is the ethical action that provides the most good or does the least harm for all who are affected. The...
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