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  • The New Zealand Government

    Government Essay: The New Zealand government at both a Local and National level is an excellent example of a modern‚ Representative Democracy. Different election systems‚ including First Past the Post (FPP)‚ Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) and Single Transferable Vote (STV)‚ are used to allow electors to select representatives to sit on Councils‚ Boards and in Parliament. Some elements of Constitutional Monarchy are present in the New Zealand system of democratically elected representatives within

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  • Culture of New Zealand

    Culture of new Zealand: British and European Custom interwoven with Maori and Polynesian tradition. Maori tradition dominated the beginning of human existence in New Zealand and has stayed around even as the culture modernized. Māori established separate tribes‚ hunted and fished‚ traded commodities‚ developed agriculture‚ arts and weaponry‚ and kept a detailed oral history. Regular European contact began approximately 200 years ago‚ and British immigration proceeded rapidly during the

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  • Racism in New Zealand

    found myself trawling through Facebook. I had just finished watching a Close Up story on a guy I know – Wikatana Popata‚ who they were calling the new face of Māori protest – and I decided to go and check the story’s feedback on the Close Up page on Facebook. What I found was that this story‚ like many in the past‚ had scratched the surface of New Zealand society‚ and revealed the sickeningly racist underbelly which exists. Subject to a degree of anonymity‚ Facebook users felt free to comment honestly

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  • The Geography of New Zealand

    The Geography of New Zealand By Clayton Brown Kirkpatrick Period 7 February 25‚ 1996 The well-known country of New Zealand is a small‚ resourceful nation located 1‚000 miles off Australia ’s south east coast. New Zealand has an impressive economy that continues to grow‚ a physical landscape that attracts people from around the globe‚ and although small‚ New Zealand is a respected nation for its advanced civilization and stable government. The geography of this prestigious nation can be

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  • Tourism in New Zealand

    Tourism in New Zealand I have chosen to look at tourism in New Zealand because as a country they are very open‚ they want to attract a lot of visitors‚ and they also have many interesting tourism products available for a variety of people. New Zealand does a lot of advertising to young people looking to go backpacking and older people for the scenery. New Zealand’s economy does not rely on the tourism industry but it does play a big part of the income. Part 1 1. Tourism Products New Zealand tends

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  • Transportation in New Zealand

    Transportation in New Zealand 1. Car Rental Self-drive is a great way to explore New Zealand. You’ll have the flexibility to evolve your itinerary as you go along‚ and the freedom to explore places that are away from the usual tourist trails. Our roads are generally of a very high standard. All main routes are sealed and well signposted; beyond the cities‚ traffic is light.   Car rental companies come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find all the big names‚ as well as a wide range of local operators

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  • Culture in New Zealand

    Resources New Zealand The country’s indigenous name is Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud). History: New Zealand is an island and was discovered by Polynesian and started migrating before AD 900. British captain James Cook visited this Island in 1769. Maori and British signed a treaty of Waitangi‚ which granted the Maori legal protection and rights to perpetual ownership of their lands and resources. Only the Crown was entitled to buy land from Maori. Britain granted New Zealand internal

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  • The Maori of New Zealand

    The Maori of New Zealand The Maori people‚ the natives of New Zealand‚ have played a strong part in the development and success of the small island nation. Their ferocity and determination won the respect of the colonizing English‚ and to this day they are esteemed members of the society. They hold positions in their government and are in control of their own destinies. Their greetings and posture when having their picture taken for the outside world is a part of culture that I would like to discuss

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  • Healthcare in New Zealand

    Essay one: Choose a New Zealand social policy issue (I suggest one covered in the course). Critically evaluate how effective New Zealand’s stance has been. Make sure you use empirical resources (e.g. statistics‚ existing research) and sustained theoretical reflection to substantiate your conclusion. A global social policy issue is that of healthcare and it’s distribution. The structure of the New Zealand health and disability sector is currently a mixed public-private system by which the Minister

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  • New Zealand Research Paper

    was New Zealand. New Zealand has an interesting history‚ a variety of land features and unique people. History The first people to find New Zealand were the Maori people. They first arrived in New Zealand in about the tenth century A.D.(“About”). Now‚ Maori people make up fourteen percent of the New Zealand population (“About”). The Maori people named New Zealand “land

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