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Pacific Ocean

garnished with thinly sliced onions and aji limo or rocoto peppers. It’s served with sweet potatoes and large kernel Andean corn on the cob. Ancient civilizations in Peru and Ecuador had access to fresh seafood along the coast of the Southern Pacific Ocean. The Humboldt current supplied the region with a rich variety of fish, squid, and shellfish. Smaller tribes along the coast, took raw seafood and created a basic version of ceviche. They would season the raw fish with chile peppers, salt, and herbs...

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Pacific Ocean and Land Bridge Theory

Science, there has always been the lingering question of how did the first people actually get to the America's? In recent years new theories of how the first people got to the America's have appeared. These theories include the Atlantic route, the Pacific route, and the coastal route. Along with these theories are the Indigenous and the first recognized theory the land bridge or the Clovis theory. The land bridge theory, being the first and most famous has much evidence to support its claims to how...

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Danger of Pacific Ocean

Why is the Pacific Ocean unsafe? In 2011, Japan suffered a major travesty due to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and tsunami that followed soon after. However, during that earthquake and tsunami, a nuclear power plant known as Fukushima Daichii was hit, and exposed to the community. Being exposed to a nuclear power plant is extremely harmful because of the symptoms that may occur from it, due to radiation. According to the 2013 edition of the Encyclopedia, radiation is a, “flow of atomic and subatomic...

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Perspectives of Mining in Pacific Ocean

LETTERS PUBLISHED ONLINE: 3 JULY 2011 | DOI: 10.1038/NGEO1185 Deep-sea mud in the Pacific Ocean as a potential resource for rare-earth elements Yasuhiro Kato1 *, Koichiro Fujinaga1 , Kentaro Nakamura2 , Yutaro Takaya1 , Kenichi Kitamura1 , Junichiro Ohta1 , Ryuichi Toda1 , Takuya Nakashima1 and Hikaru Iwamori3 World demand for rare-earth elements and the metal yttrium—which are crucial for novel electronic equipment and green-energy technologies—is increasing rapidly1–3 . Several types of seafloor...

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Pacific Rim Movie Review

Pacific Rim movie review If I were nine years old, I would see the monsters-versus-robots adventure "Pacific Rim" 50 times. Because I'm in my forties and have two kids and two jobs, I'll have to be content with seeing it a couple more times in theaters and re-watching it on video. Like George Lucas' original 1977 "Star Wars", Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi actioner uses high technology to pump up disreputable subject matter to Hollywood blockbuster levels. The film's main selling point is its overscaled...

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Battle of Midway: a Turning Point in the Pacific

History AP 25 February2013 The Battle of Midway: Turning Point of the Pacific War During WWII It is difficult to imagine living in a country without the freedoms that are so easily provided for us in the United States. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence) are things that we have all grown up having, and most of us have not even thought twice about. Had the tables been turned in the Pacific War during World War II however, there is no telling where our country...

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Summary to Song of the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina

In Carl Safina’s writings of Song for the Blue Ocean, he reflects on his and others take on what is currently going on to the salmon across the Northwest. As you can clearly see from his writing he truly admires this animal and so do many of the people he introduces us to. He shares with us the ridicule’s many industries, whom are harming the salmon have laid plainly before us and we fall for without any second thought. He begins his work with a very descriptive story of a female salmon who has...

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Cultural, Economic and Physical Diversity of the Asia-Pacific Region

In the Asia-Pacific region, there is a vast range of cultural, economic and physical diversity. The culture in China differs to Fijian culture which also differs to the Australian culture, the variety of cultures in easily noticed. In the Asia-Pacific region we have the county with the 2nd largest economy in the world, China; nevertheless we also have countries with struggling economies. As the Asia-Pacific region occupies such an enormous area it is obvious that it would contain a great variety...

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Processed Food in the Pacific

Globally, food contributes to all human livelihood. Thus processed food becomes a major product in the Pacific whereby consumers are dependent on as a food source. It is acceptable across all categories in the Pacific depending on circumstances. However, it is essential to realize that there are positive and negative impacts of depending on processed food. This essay supports the view that while depending on processed food has advantages in terms of social, economic and health, its disadvantages...

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Pacific Gas And Electric Company Leadership Analysis

Introduction Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation is one of the leading corporation in the energy industry. This is done so through one of its holding companies, Pacific Gas and Electric Company or better known as PG&E. PG&E’s is the primary subsidiary for the corporation that provides customers with utility services and other energy generated services along with electricity, natural gas transmission, and the distribution of electricity. The primary area of operation of the company is the United...

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