Processed Food in the Pacific

Topics: Food, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Ocean Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Globally, food contributes to all human livelihood. Thus processed food becomes a major product in the Pacific whereby consumers are dependent on as a food source. It is acceptable across all categories in the Pacific depending on circumstances. However, it is essential to realize that there are positive and negative impacts of depending on processed food. This essay supports the view that while depending on processed food has advantages in terms of social, economic and health, its disadvantages which are categorized as culture, finance and medical outweigh the advantages. Firstly, depending on processed food has an advantage on social. It is accessible and readily available meaning food is ready to eat and easy to cook. A person who wants to have tuna for lunch or dinner would go straight to a shop and get it as it is readily available. “The ready-to-eat product requires no heating; it is ideal for variety of applications and other ready quick meals (foodpacific 2009).Therefore the accessibility of processed food enhanced people in all works of life to be productive in their performance at work with the appropriate meal each day. Another positive impact on depending on processed food is economic. It provides opportunities for Pacific Island countries to improve its local economy in exportation of more products into global markets. More so, people on low lying Islands and coral atolls depend on processed food because there is lack of crops and none availability of plants because of global warming. This will urge consumers to venture into businesses which contribute towards national economy. “For many women in developing countries, their own enterprises are their major source of

income” (UNCTAD 2010).So this will promote trades between pacific island countries in terms of skills, employment and profession. Furthermore, the advantage of depending on processed food is health. It maintained continued diets during disasters. People can still access to varieties of...
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