Danger of Pacific Ocean

Topics: Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Fish, Tsunami / Pages: 7 (1562 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2013
Why is the Pacific Ocean unsafe? In 2011, Japan suffered a major travesty due to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and tsunami that followed soon after. However, during that earthquake and tsunami, a nuclear power plant known as Fukushima Daichii was hit, and exposed to the community. Being exposed to a nuclear power plant is extremely harmful because of the symptoms that may occur from it, due to radiation. According to the 2013 edition of the Encyclopedia, radiation is a, “flow of atomic and subatomic particles and of waves, such as those that characterize heat rays, light rays, and X rays”. (Burton, Luntz, Mozumder, Silverman, Tobias, & Mundon). The Pacific Ocean should not be a safe place in some years to come; due to the radiation around the area. The radiation in the ocean causes danger to both human and sea life, makes it more difficult for humans to swim in the ocean, fish, any water activity, and etc. For a little more in depth background about this situation. On March 11, 2011 Japan was struck with a massive earthquake coming in with a magnitude of 9.0, and soon after tsunamis’ raging into the cities of Japan. There were three operating reactors at Fukushima Daichii that were shut down, however water came flooding in too quickly and the workers tried to do everything they can to restore the power plants. In the next couple days, the three operating reactors melted. That process, “released hydrogen gas, which eventually triggered explosions in the reactor buildings. Volatile radioactive chemicals, notable iodine-131 and caesium-137 began to stream into the air and sea”(Brumfield, Geoff, and Ichiko Fuyono 138). Since then, many of the Japanese residents over 100,000 who were to move from the residency to a safer location do not trust the scientists who are funded by the government. The government has used over 11 billion yen in trying to repair the damage that was done. Reported by Shizuko Otake of the non profit organization says, “Most people I’ve met here

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