Cardio Workouts

Topics: Physical exercise, Time, Heart rate Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Cardio Workouts

By taking fitness again this term, I feel that I have accomplished my goals that I set for myself and have gotten into a great routine I could try everyday over the summer. Now experienced exercising on mostly all the cardio machines, I am able to effortlessly exercise through a workout for thirty minutes or more. For a specific goal this semester, I have wanted to succeed on levels 5-10, and I have actually reached level 10 on many occasions. Level 10 is still obviously a challenge for me, but this just pushes me to continue. In time, I might even reach higher levels than this and I will strive to do so. Another goal of mine was to lose a few pounds by the time I finished this class. I believe this is a check off my list because whenever I workout now, I hardly feel any soreness on even some of the highest levels. I knew if I worked at this for an extended period of time, it would pay off and the results would be the way I wanted them. Lastly, my next goal was to get my legs into shape for when I play tennis in the summer. I want to have every part of my body in good form to succeed and build up more even more muscle in my calves.

Mid-way through my progression in the second semester I got tested on how well I was working to attain my fitness goals. Once indoors, working on the Arc Trainer and another time, jogging outside on the track. The heart monitor proved to see if I was working out to my maximum potential and the goal for everyone was to reach a target heart rate zone from 142-162. Outdoors, I felt like it was a little tough to achieve a decent heart rate, but my average was 152 bpm. Also, my maximum heart rate was 185 and I accomplished this by steadily running at a faster speed. Both times getting tested were surprisingly not too difficult, but was definitely a challenge at one point. By doing this, I correctly positioned a strap tightly around the upper part of my body and secured the heart rate watch around my wrist. While...
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