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Module One Wellness Plan1

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Module One Wellness Plan

Fill in all logs and answer the reflection questions completely with supporting details.

Section 1: Goals
Include your goals for each area of wellness before completing the reflection question.

1. Physical go to the gym 3 times a week for a month
2. Social talk to a new person every week for a month
3. Emotional be nicer to my mom every day for the rest of my life
4. Academic get A's and B's all 3rd quarter

Goal Reflection Question:
Which of your wellness goals is the most important to you? Explain why.
The most important goal to me is the academic goal. I really want to get good grades the rest of the year because i know i can do it. Ive just been slacking off lately.

Section 2: Target Heart Rate
My resting heart rate is ___12___ bpm.
My target heart rate zone is ___9__ bpm to ____19_ bpm.

Heart Rate Reflection Question:

Were you able to maintain your workouts within your calculated target heart rate zone? Explain which activities you enjoyed most and which best helped you stay in your THR zone.

I enjoyed jogging and soccer the most because it helped me stay in my THR zone
Section 3: Fitness Assessments
Include the Baseline and Module One results below.

Lesson 1.03
Baseline Results
Module 1
Wellness Plan Results
Module 2
Wellness Plan Results
Module 3
Wellness Plan Results
Mile Run/Walk

Body Mass Index

Aerobic Capacity



Trunk Lift

Sit and Reach

Fitness Assessment Reflection Questions:
Explain how you feel about your scores when compared to the Healthy Fitness Zone Standards.
I think my scores are good compared to the healthy fitness zone standards.
Explain how your activity routine is improving each of your health-related components of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular, and body composition)?

sit and reach really improved my flexibility, and soccer helped shape my legs and helped me run faster.

Section 4: Physical Activity Log

Physical Activity
Activity Minutes without Warm-up
jogging soccer 60
jogging soccer 120
jogging soccer 60
jogging soccer 120
jogging soccer 60
jogging soccer 120
jogging soccer 120
jogging soccer 60
Include all moderate and vigorous physical activity in the table below. Keep adding rows to show all of your activities.

Physical Activity Reflection Question:
Explain how you have applied or will apply each of the FITT principles in your workouts.

F: I will work out 3-4 times a week.
I: I will only work out until i feel like its a good intensity. I won't over-do it
T:I will work out for an hour.
T: The type of exercise will be running/soccer/gymSection 5: Fitness Tracker Data

Module 1
Wellness Plan Results
Module 2
Wellness Plan Results
Module 3
Wellness Plan Results
Average Daily Moves This Week

% Toward My Goal This Week

Total Moves This Week

Use the formulas to calculate your moves and complete the chart above.

Average daily moves this week = Total number of physical activity minutes for the last 7 days x 26.19

Percent toward my goal this week = Total average daily moves ÷ by 12,000

Total moves this week = Total number of physical activity minutes for the last 7 days x 183.33

Parent/Guardian/Lab Facilitator Signature__________________________________________

Fitness Tracker Reflection Question:
Discuss changes you can make in your workout routine to increase your activity participation and improve on your achievements. Include adjustments to completed activities and activities you may wish to add to your routine.

I want to change up my workout routine once in a while so the activity doesn’t get repetitive. I want to go to the gym more, and run more often not just for a warm up, but for an actual work out.

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