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Fitness Assessment Results DocumentCopy And Paste

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Fitness Assessment Results DocumentCopy And Paste
Fitness Assessment Results Document
Copy and paste this document into a word processing program. Answer all questions in paragraphs with a minimum of three to five complete sentences.
Fitness Activity
Lesson 1.03 Baseline Results
Mile Run/Walk Completes in 8 minutes and 35 seconds
Body Composition/BMI 22.65
Aerobic Capacity 45.70
Sit and Reach Left: 12
Right: 11
Trunk Lift 12

Reflection Questions:
1. How do you feel about your fitness assessment results? Did any areas surprise you? Explain your answers.
I feel a lot better than I thought it would be like. I recently just started to get into the workout scene and I’m glad that I have lots of room fro improvement
2. This course will give you the opportunity to plan fitness routines and participate in regular physical activity. You will complete these same fitness assessments at the end of each module to help measure your progress in each fitness area. Describe the accomplishments you expect to see in your fitness assessment results as you move through this course and its related activities.

I hope that I’ll be able to do everything listed without the struggles I face today. I hope to a actually feel and see the results I’ll be getting throughout the course. But my biggest goal in being able to do more pushups and running a mile a lot faster.

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