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Student Name:
Goal: I aspire keep my heart rate in the target zone no later than July 10 2013.
Physical Activity
Intensity (Light, Medium, or High)
Minutes 7-5-13 biking
Inner tubing
7-6-13 walk basketball
7-8-13 walk baseball

Total: 390 minutes

1. Do you believe your cardiovascular routine is improving your fitness? Why or why not? Yes I can do things longer while keeping my heart rate down.
2. Calculate your individual Target Heart Rate zone and show your work. (You will learn about heart rates and how to calculate your Target Heart Rate zone in Lesson Three.)

Resting Heart Rate: 74 Age: 15
THR zone:65.5 to 110 beats per minute
3. Were you able to maintain your workouts within the target heart rate zone calculated? Why or why not? Why is it important? Yes I feel that I got more fit by keeping it in target heart zone. It is important because it can keep you healthy and not get hurt.
4. What additional activities could you include in your workout routine to improve your cardiovascular fitness level? Running, Jogging
5. Explain how you applied the F.I.T.T. principles in your cardiovascular workouts. Identify each factor and how it works to improve your health. Frequency: I did one workout almost every day
Intensity: Most of mine were hard workouts.
Type: Mostly sports.
Time: My workouts lasted a long time.
Fitness Test Comparison:
1. Repeat the mile run fitness test from the Getting Started lesson.
2. Compare your original mile run result with your current mile run result. Write out your original score and status, along with your current score and status.
Original score __8:00__ Current score __7: 49__
3. Did your results improve? Why or why not?
My results did improve because I was healthier and my heart worked better.

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