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1.Case of Corporate Social Responsibility/ Environmental Policies McDonald is one famous fast food restaurant in Hong Kong, in this few years; they started to concern about the environment protection. They trying hard to reduce use of water, solid waste and kitchen exhaust. For the environmental policies, McDonald practices 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. First, to reduce more waste, McDonald change most of their foam packaging to paper, this already reduce 80% of their waste. Second, they use reusable tableware in order to strike a balance between customer service excellence and environmental protection and the customers are willing and appreciate. Third, McDonald will also recycle paper and packaging.

As a responsible corporate citizen, McDonald not only set up the policies to protect environment, they also encourage and invite the customers to support their environmental action. Thus, McDonald’s introduce several programs in this few years. Such as "Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program" and "No Straws Day", these two programs are making further contribution to the environment. For the "Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program", McDonald’s is the first restaurant group to participate in the 'Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program' of the Environmental Protection Department by providing rechargeable battery recycling services. Apart from promotion in McDonald's restaurants, they encourage their staff to introduce this meaningful campaign to their families and friends. Moreover, To encourage customers' participation, McDonald's will offer a gift coupon to customers who contribute two 2A/3A/9V rechargeable batteries .After joining this campaign, they continue to take an active role in more environmental protection activities. The "No Straws Day" is also one important environmental protection program in McDonald’s. It can reduce more unnecessary waste in Hong Kong.

As we know, environment pollution becomes more serious within this few years in Hong Kong....
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