Natural & Technological Environment of Subway Sandwich

Topics: Recycling, Energy conservation, Subway Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Natural Environment

Subway restaurant is the restaurant that sells the most largest submarine sandwich chain and have more than 37,000 franchise in all around the world are on a running to make their restaurant to operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible to aim to improve the health of the earth in the same time. Last few years, subway started to switch their products and business practices that use less energy and resources, and generate less waste. By the process, they discovered that even small changes add up. There are include, all new and remodeled stores are now using energy efficient lighting saving electricity as well as low flow water faucets saving an estimated 182.1 million gallons of water annually and todays the majority of the packaging used in subway restaurant is made with recycled content and 100% can be recycled or composted. Besides, subways are in the process of moving to these packaging specifications globally. Nowadays there are 14 Subway Eco Restaurant are available and operating. These are the stores that built and designed to be more energy efficient, conserve water and reduce waste. Subway is trying to provide their franchise by having the best solutions to help them get improved on their operations focusing on energy efficiency, resource conservation, waste reduction and food safety.Energy Efficiency is design and the nature of our product offering our operations are fairly energy efficient but as energy costs continue to raise it is important to improve the energy efficiency of our restaurants. Lighting and electronic signage are the most important components of the restaurants and are the big users of energy in the store. Over the past few years, they have been improving their energy efficiency by shifted all new and remodeled restaurants to high efficiency lighting and made LED exterior signage optional in 2008 and then they are began to transition to LED lighting for sandwich units. Subway is in the...
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