Business Ethics

Topics: Decision making, Ethics, Kohlberg's stages of moral development Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Running Head: Franciscan Values

Franciscan Values
Cardinal Stritch University

Ethics and Social Responsibility for Business Leaders
CMB 620
January 8, 2012

This paper will compare the Franciscan Values with Kohlberg’s Levels. Cardinal Stritch University is a Catholic Institution of higher education. Cardinal Stritch was found and is sponsored by congregation if the Sister of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan Values are Creating a Caring Community, Showing Compassion, Reverencing All of Creation, and Making Peace. The Kohlberg`s Three Levels and Six Stages of Moral Reasoning Lawrence Kohlberg, a professor of psychology in the University of Chicago, he created his own theory of moral development. The theory is based on children‘s reasoning, when facing moral dilemmas, however, Kohlberg went far beyond that and created a common theory for all ages. Under his theory moral thinking passes through six separate stages, which are broken into three levels. This paper aims to compare the Franciscan Values The Catholic Church and will look to these beliefs to determine what God is like, how men and women should view and interact with God, and what determines spirituality ( When some follows the Franciscan Values, at what stage would he or she be in Kohlberg’s levels of moral development. Level 3: Post conventional, Autonomous, or Principles Level (Universal Humankind Orientation). Kohlberg’s levels states that any individuals in this stage understand that codes of conduct are relative to their social group. This varies from culture to culture and subgroup to subgroup. With that in mind, the individual enters into a contract with fellow human beings to treat them fairly and kindly and to respect authority when it is equally moral and deserved (Weiss, J.W. page 21) The Franciscan Values and Kohlberg’s levels of moral development help professionals and business decision makers prevent and resolve ethical...
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