Business Communication Reflective Journal

Topics: Skill, Learning, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: June 19, 2013
In the Business Communication module, I was expecting to learn a good communication skill from it before embarking on the assignment. It is vital to have the fluent communication skill with the world regardless facing to anyone. Communication skills are very important since every day in our life we need to communicate with different kinds of people around us. Besides that, having a good communication skill can improve and make good relationships with them. If we can effectively communicate, then other people know what we need and want, and we can let them know our feelings without being misunderstood. This prevents arguments, because it avoids all that “you should have known how I felt” sort of mind-reading arguments. If we can explain our thoughts and feelings, then we won't misunderstand each other.

Well, my expectation was fulfilled after embarking on the assignment. For example, I have to communicate with the boss and staffs during our interview period. Having a good communication skill will benefit us to get more relevant information for our assignment purpose. Now a good communication skill with anyone is gain for me. On the other hand, there is everything when well. My group is cooperative and the interviewer is also a kindly person. He is willing for taking his time to interview with us even though he is busying at lunch time.

Apart from that, I would do differently is that to be well-prepared before the interview so that we could not only save our time but also save the interviewer’s precious time. Another thing is that for now, I have already acquired an interview skill, I would want to ask question more professionally rather than panicking at first like before. I panic at first during the interview but after a while, everything seems comfortable.

In conclusion, there are two skills, which including communication skill and interview skill that I have learn from the process. Having an effective communication skill and interview skill will...
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