Communication in a Business Environment

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Unit 222 – Communication in a business environment

1.1 explain why different communication methods are used in a business environment It is important to understand the communication needs of colleagues such as knowing what type of business the organisation is in and maybe specific details about the services or products that they provide. They will also need the skills necessary to do a job well. The purpose of communicating in a business is to send a message to an individual/group of people so that you can request action, inform, teach, motivate or persuade.

Written communication consists of letters, emails memos and reports. Verbal communication consists of presentations, face-to-face meetings and telephone calls. Non-verbal communication involves the use and understanding of body language.

Formal communication is more likely to be written and verbal communication is used when two or more people are together. The method of communication that you use will depend on the urgency and how complicated the information that you are communicating is.

There are several patterns of communication:
The ‘chain’ represents the hierarchical pattern that characterises strictly formal information flow, ‘from the top down’, in military and some types of business organisation. The ‘wheel’ is found in a typical autocratic organisation, meaning one-man rule and limited employee participation. The ‘star’ or ‘all-channel network’ allows free flow of communication in a group, encouraging all of its members to become involved in the group discussion process. The ‘y pattern’ is a more complicated arrangement where the group is separated into three or more group members of the group through the leader. The ‘circle’ is where the sender can communicate only with the group members next to them. Other group members cannot receive the sender’s message.

1.2 describe the communication requirements of different audiences and 1.3 explain the importance of using correct grammar,...
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