Importance of Proper Communication in a Business Environment

Pages: 3 (1446 words) Published: December 3, 2014
1.1) Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment.

The purpose of communication is for human beings to be able to understand each other in different ways and for several reasons. It can be any means, not just verbal but body language and virtual. We also communicate in a business environment to listen to each other’s' problems, and solve difficulties we face in day to day operations in our work and personal life. It helps us find solutions to hindrances that may come into our lives. Different communication methods have to be used for various reasons. In a business environment there are a wide range of people and organisations you will have to talk to thus making you change the way you speak and communicate to each one to correctly portray the image of the business. Each different way of communicating has its positives and negatives, due to this certain communication methods are used for certain situations. In a business you might be put in a situation where you have to be formal to a client or boss, for this situation a text or social media contact would not be appropriate and portray the business in an unprofessional light. However if a correctly worded email was drafted up and sent to the recipient the business would be portrayed how it likes. Sometimes however drafting up an email to a work college for a small, insignificant thing can take up a lot of time that could be used working, this is why communication methods like memos and texts are used in a business. Memos and texts are a quick and simple way that someone can get a message across a business internally without wasting time and effort as formality is not an issue. Also in a business, managers like to add some personality when dealing with clients or staff, and sending an email can only provide a slight bit of personality, that’s why one of the most used way of communication, as well as email, is using the telephone. As well as adding that bit of personality it...
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